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101 Roulette by Playtech

Last updated: 07.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard
101 Roulette
European Roulette
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Best casino with 101 Roulette

888 Casino
Table limits £0.1 - £10 000
Release year 2018
Variation European
RTP 92,86%
Multipliers None
Software Playtech
Table limits £0.1 - £10 000

101 Roulette is an exotic variant developed by Playtech and released in September 2018. It shares many similarities with 1000 Diamond Roulette, which is another Playtech game. It is vaguely based on European roulette, which means there is a single zero on the wheel. However, that’s where the similarities end: the game has 105 pockets to place a bet on, and its wheel looks like a racetrack. The maximum win is 100x total bet, and there are multiple bet types that offer this payout. However, unlike 1000 Diamonds Roulette, there is no secondary wheel with additional multipliers.

Features of 101 Roulette

  • The overall RTP of 101 Roulette is 96,19%, but based on your bets, the house edge can be as high as 14,29%, which is a high figure.
  • 0.10 is the minimum bet accepted. The maximum bet cannot be higher than 50.00.
  • You can win up to 10.000 in the base game.
  • While the game works on mobile, the interface elements are quite big, so you may not get an ideal experience on devices with small screens.

The table contains 100 numbers, a 0 pocket, and four additional symbols based on play cards (clubs ♣, diamonds ♦, hearts ♥, and spades ♠). In total, you get 105 options to try your luck on. And that’s why the wheel above looks like a giant racetrack: it is impossible to place 105 numbers on a regular wheel. You can think of 101 Roulette as a variant of European roulette with more numbers. However, the payouts of bets are different and there are multiple outcomes that pay as high as 100x:

  • Straight bet: 100:1
  • “0” bet: 100:1
  • Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades: 100:1
  • Split bet: 49:1
  • Corner bet: 24:1
  • Corner bet with 0: 32:1
  • Street bet with 0: 19:1
  • Street bet: 9:1
  • Line bet with 0: 5:1
  • Line bet: 4:1
  • Even money bets: 1:1

There is also a “lucky number” feature you can use to place bets that cover multiple numbers. When activated, this option covers all the neighboring numbers of your selection automatically. You can also see how much of the wheel you are covering with your bets, which can help you with some strategies.

101 Roulette screen 1
101 Roulette screen 2
101 Roulette screen 3
101 Roulette screen 4

Table limits

Bet Payout Minimum Maxiumum
Straight up 100:1 0.1 50
Split 49:1 0.1 100
Street 9:1 0.2 500
Corner 24:1 0.1 200
Six Line 5:1 - -
Column 9:1 0.2 500
Dozen 2:1 - -
Even/Odd 1:1 1 1 000
Red/Black 1:1 1 1 000
High/Low 1:1 - -

How to Play 101 Roulette?

  1. First, you need to place a bet (or multiple bets – your choice). To do that, you will use the chips located on the left side of the interface. Each one has a different value, starting from 0.01 and going as high as 100. Feel free to pick any value, but you need 0.10 (minimum) to play.
  2. Next, place your chip(s) on the table. Simply put them on your selection(s). You can choose a single number, a number range, a color (red/black), or whether the outcome will be odd/even. In addition, you can combine these options with “0” or the play card symbols we listed above. As always, remember that even money bets offer the highest winning chance.
  3. After placing the bet(s), click the “spin” button at the bottom right corner. Wait for the result.
  4. If you win, the payout will be calculated according to your bet and the paytable we shared above. If you don’t win, simply try your luck again. The upper right corner of the interface shows the results of the last spins, which may help you to determine hot/cold numbers.

Pros and Cons of 101 Roulette

  • Interesting gameplay with 105 outcomes
  • Overall, payouts are better than regular roulette
  • The “lucky number” feature helps you to create unique bets
  • The house edge can be quite low for some outcomes
  • Not suitable to play on mobile devices with small screens