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Contrary to popular belief, roulette is not just a game that requires luck. You can win more and lose less by playing the right variants, choosing the right bets, and using the right strategies. But learning how to do all these takes time, requires experience, and lots of frustration. We have prepared a range of content to enable you to start playing like a professional gambler without dealing with these problems: once you read them, you will understand what you need to do and have a much more enjoyable & productive experience. Below, we briefly explain what you can find on our site.

Roulette Basics Rules

To start playing roulette like a professional gambler, we need to start with the basics. In this section, we explain the rules of roulette and explain the general purpose of the game. We briefly explain step by step how to place bets and the main differences between the roulette variants.

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Explanation of roulette bets

Roulette has an incredible variety of bets and offers much more than betting on just a single number or two colours. In this section, we explain the types of roulette bets and talk about announced bets & non-standard combinations of bets too. Don't forget to check the roulette rates.

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Roulette Odds

Roulette is a game based on mathematics and each bet option has a different chance of winning. In this section, we talk about the roulette probabilities and let you see each one instantly with our free calculator. In the roulette odds section, you can see which bets offer more chances.

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Roulette Payouts

In roulette, each bet pays out differently and whether you win 1:1 or 35:1 is determined accordingly. Here, we list the roulette payouts and let you see how much you can win according to the bet amount through a calculator. We also explain how you can calculate this manually.

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Popular Roulette Systems and Strategies

Roulette is a game where you can increase your winning frequency and reduce your losses by using certain strategies and systems. In this section, we talk about the most common roulette strategies that really work and give tips that you can use in all variants of the game.

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