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European Roulette

Play European Roulette with Live Dealer!
Play European Roulette with Live Dealer!
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European Roulette
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Table of contents

    European Roulette is truly one of the best versions of the game you can try anywhere in the world. As a single zero game, this version of the game gives you the best chances of winning. While you never have an ideal winning condition, you will soon realize that you can use many strategies to make your chances of succeeding much better. European Roulette online can be played for free, which adds to your ability to learn and understand the game before you commit real money. Before you go on trying to win, though, let's see how the European Roulette game is played.

    European Wheel & Table

    As mentioned before, the European Roulette layout is actually very easy to get in. The wheel has 36 numbers and a single zero which gives the game a great 2.70% house edge. As to the table, it's a standard one where you can see the Inside and Outside Bets, Dozens, Columns, and more. There are some "hidden" bets such as "Streets" and "Square" that you can wager on with ease and extract an even better value from your gameplay. If it all feels a little new, we recommend trying free European Roulette beforehand to get used to the specifics.

    Roulette Wheel & Table

    How to Play European Roulette

    The goal of the game is very simple – bet on the number that the roulette wheel will display. Since there are 36 numbers and one zero, you can see how betting on a straight-up number can be a little difficult. However, you don't have to worry, because the rules are very straightforward and you don't have to bet on a single number unless you want to.

    1. Find a version of the game that you enjoy;
    2. Select the size of your chips and bet;
    3. Place your bet on the desired outcome;
    4. The croupier will spin the wheel;
    5. Once the ball lands, the winners are announced and the sequence is repeated.

    This pretty much sums up the entire logic behind how the game feels and plays. It's simple enough to get into it and the layout feels very familiar after only a few playthroughs. Of course, there is more depth to the experience, but it shouldn't hinder you from enjoying the game as is.

    Bets, odds, and payouts

    Bets in online European Roulette are actually very easy to follow. There are, generally speaking, two main categories called Inside and Outside Bets. Outside Bets tend to be safer, but they offer smaller payouts. Inside Bets, on the other hand, are riskier, but they often come with a much better payout, for example, 35:1 for Straight up bets. Other bets include Split, Street, Corner, and Six Line. For the outside Bets, you have Even/Odd, High/Low, Red/Black, Columns, and Dozens.

    The European Roulette odds of winning will vary. The European Roulette wheel brings you some of the best odds, though. Thanks to the single zero involved in the game, the house edge is fairly small, and you have a decent chance of winning. A combination of bets usually has a much higher chance of success, too. The payouts depend on the type of bet you have placed. Outside bets pay 1:1, and you have a 48.65% chance of winning such a bet.

    Straight up 35:1 2,70%
    Split 17:1 5,40%
    Street 11:1 8,10%
    Corner 8:1 10,80%
    Six Line 5:1 16,20%
    Column 2:1 32,40%
    Dozen 2:1 32,40%
    Even/Odd 1:1 48,60%
    Red/Black 1:1 48,60%
    High/Low 1:1 48,60%
    Bets, odds, and payouts

    House Edge

    European Roulette is perhaps the best version of the game if you are looking for a small house edge. This is why the European Roulette table is the best for strategies. The house edge is only 2.70% in this version of the game. This makes it easier to play according to a betting system and avoid unnecessary risk.

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    A good European Roulette strategy will usually teach you two things – realities and expectations. All strategies will take time to realize, and online casino European roulette can definitely help you pick up the pace of play. However, the core principles will apply all the same.

    You want to stick to a strategy that lets you have contingencies. Therefore, most strategies require you to stick to a sequence of bets. No strategy will work as magic, but most of the mainstream stratagems will allow you to win a little more consistently.

    Martingale, Fibonacci, and Labouchere are all great first picks if you are new to strategies, and they will help you get a little more knowledgeable about the finer points of the game.


    Betting on Outside Bets with European Roulette is probably best since the house edge is so low, and you can realistically expect a much better return on your wagers. Other than that, it’s important to budget your money carefully and remember that chance will always play a part in the outcome of your games.

    Live European Roulette

    Last but hardly least we have touched on Live European Roulette. This version of the game works precisely like the regular versions, but you will play in the company of a live dealer. Don't worry, you can still play online and without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

    All games are streamed from dedicated studios and you interact with the croupier through a layover software that sorts the bets and the dealer sorts out the spinning and announces the winners while the software sorts through the winners and losers.

    Play for money in best casinos!


    European Roulette is definitely one of the best experiences on the market presently. The game with a single zero is a big plus for anyone who is willing to give it a shot. If you are new to the game, you can also find Live European Roulette options that will make the experience mighty entertaining for you.

    We strongly recommend taking what you know about European Roulette and making the best of the experience. If you are in doubt about how to proceed, just pick a strategy we told you would help manage your bankroll and play based on mathematically sound strategies!


    I want to play European roulette for real money, what can I do?

    If you are looking for the best European roulette sites, we will be pleased to tip you about the best picks out there. We have reviewed many websites that offer European roulette, and we can provide you with those specific ones that offer the best versions of European roulette developed by top software providers.

    Why do people say European roulette has better odds?

    European roulette has a single zero, which means that the theoretical return, or odds, will be better as well. A single zero European roulette has a native 2.70% house edge which is plenty. Besides, European roulette has a better-numbered and coloured wheel which is considered another big plus, i.e. there is no wheel bias.

    Are the roulette games on your website available for mobile?

    Yes, absolutely. Every game and version of roulette we have on our website is available as a dedicated mobile version. You can play-test as much as you like playing from any handheld device and whatever operating system you feel the most comfortable with, whether this is Android, iOS or Windows.

    Is it legal to play roulette in the United Kingdom?

    Yes, absolutely. All you need to do is find a casino that features the game. All casinos in the United Kingdom have a license, which means that you don’t have to worry about breaking the law when you are looking to play your favourite game – both online and at a land-based establishment.

    Is European roulette considered classic roulette?

    It’s safe to say that when people say classic roulette, they most likely mean a single zero roulette, hence European. Some people argue that since the French mostly popularised the game, it’s fair that French roulette is referred to as classic roulette. Generally, people still favour European a bit more when it comes to this distinction.