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100 to 1 Roulette by Nyx Gaming

100 to 1 Roulette
Nyx Gaming
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Provider Nyx Gaming
House edge 3.81%
RTP 96.19%
Variation European
Table limits £0.1 - £10 000
Release year -

Nyx Gaming decided that having 36+1 pockets can be a little tiresome if not altogether boring. That is why the studio decided to develop its signature style 100 to 1 roulette, in which you can get paid 100:1 on a straight-up bet. Where is the catch, you may ask? Well, there are over 100 pockets to explore for this game, but don’t worry.

The player can always try 100/1 roulette free play before they try their luck at the actual thing. Understandably, the game adds a lot more challenge if you are looking for a raw win, but the flip side is that you will add a level of excitement to your gameplay that will stick with you.

You are very welcome to give this version of roulette your best shot and discover many a great casino in the UK that will be happy to welcome you on its 100-numbered roulette wheel!

100 to 1 Roulette Features

So, what’s so special about 100 to 1 roulette, you may ask? We would argue that the whole game is pretty special and unorthodox, which is a good thing.

  • With 100+ pockets to bet on, you stand to enjoy quite the sizable wheel.
  • You stand to win 100 times your bet size, and three numbers will give you a 32/1 win.
  • If you get one of four numbers right, you will be paid a reward equal to 24 times your original bet.
  • A single spin can let you win GBP 100,000, which is a massive payday for anyone looking for a truly unique experience.

Now, having 100+ pockets means that this roulette cannot have that great payout, or can it? The theoretical return here is 96.19%, which is still better than a much simpler version such as American Roulette. If you are not sure yet, you can play 100/1 roulette online free in Great Britain and test the game yourself.

Table Limits

Bet Payout Minimum Maxiumum
Straight up 100:1 0.1 250
Split 49:1 0.1 500
Street 32:1 0.1 750
Corner 24:1 0.1 1 000
Six Line 19:1 1 1 000
Column 9:1 1 2 000
Dozen 11:2 1 3 000
Even/Odd 4:1 1 5 000
Red/Black EVENS 1 10 000
High/Low EVENS 1 10 000

Pros & Cons

This is a great game, and you will surely realise that as soon as you try the 100/1 roulette demo. There is a lot to see and do playing this version, and the 100-odd numbers will make for a great experience. Still, there are a few small caveats that you need to take into consideration all the same.

  • Some players simply don’t enjoy the size of the wheel
  • Players find using strategies a bit more difficult here
  • You can win up to GBP 100,000 off a single bet
  • The design of the game is nothing you have seen before
  • Even though there are many numbers, the house edge is great
  • RNG determines the outcome of each event in the game
  • You can always play the game for free and try the payouts first

100 to 1 Roulette Rules

The rules of 100 1 roulette are very straightforward. Like all other versions of the game, you will simply have to follow a set of rules that come as a sequence. The game will invite you to use the overlay menu that prompts you to make a bet on any of the 100 numbers and dive right into the gameplay. Here’s how it works.

  • Pick your chip size and the bet you would like to place
  • Select any of the Inside or Outside Bets available
  • Spin the wheel once you are ready and wait for results
  • The dealer resolves all outcomes and prompts you to bet again

This is really how easy it is to play a game of 100/1 roulette, and players in Great Britain are bound to have tons of fun exploring the title in its entirety.


Overall, you will find 100/1 roulette to be a game that you would recommend to your friends. This version of roulette adds something new and nice to the gameplay, and it puts an end to what often can be described as otherwise monotonous gameplay. The 100+ numbers and pockets available in the game are not a reason for concern.

They are something you should rather embrace. Since the overall house edge in this game is even better than American Roulette, you can see how it’s becoming one of the most popular options on the market out there and why you may be interested in giving it a fair shot as part of your regular roulette gameplay.

Review author Chris Mwangi Chris Mwangi

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