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Welcome to Roulette77, a website dedicated to online roulette. We are happy to offer you a multi-lingual source available for gamblers from all over the world and extend our expert roulette advice to you, our esteemed readers and players. To this end, we have compiled an extensive selection of demos from the best software providers.

The website will further provide you with an in-depth look into various strategies, helpful tips, and guides. We will catch you up on the rules and help you find accurate and tailored casino offers which roulette players looking for real money experience will definitely appreciate.

Above all else, we are dedicated to encourage and raise awareness about responsible roulette culture worldwide. Presently, we operate in 196 different countries and offer our guides and services in 80 languages, allowing us to complete our mission of helping players to approach roulette with all the knowledge they would need to play safely and comfortably from their homes.

Our team consists of professional players and not of industry insiders. We have years of expertise in iGaming and have run a number of successful projects to provide you with the most inspiring and accurate roulette materials that will help you have a better overall experience. Our mission is to keep you safe and maximise the fun and satisfaction you get from your online roulette sessions.

Our team

Andrew Shepard
Andrew Shepard Editor-in-chief

Andrew is both an iGaming insider with 10 years of industry experience and five years as a devoted roulette player. His background makes him a great pick for the position of editor-in-chief and an SEO expert who knows how to help novices find the best roulette game but also offer some valuable insight to experienced players as well. He is currently based in Malta from where he makes the roulette magic work on the website. If you have any business enquiries, please feel free to get in touch with Andrew.

Andrew Shepard
Anna Talanska Business developmbent

Anna is an industry veteran with 15 years of experience and a strong presence in most iGaming conferences around the world. She plays roulette herself using the multi-system strategy, allowing her to stay one step ahead of casinos. We have found it appropriate to put Anna in charge of our roulette promotions as she makes sure to study the particularities of each jurisdiction and only list promotions that can legally operate in each country.

Andrew Shepard
Chris Mwangi Head of copywriting

Chris is a dedicated roulette player whom brick-and-mortar casinos fear. After accumulating experience playing around the rich and glitzy retail casinos, Chris has decided to put his talent to good use, devising some of the most in-depth guides and articles you will ever read about roulette. He is determined to help as many people around the world understand how to play roulette better and reap the benefits of using the right strategy at the right moment.

Our features

  • Each region is its own world. We understand that expectations from gambling firms change from one region to the next. This is why we make sure to consider each country based on the current regulatory norms and framework enacted. Whenever our visitors come from, we guarantee that we have complied with specific legislation in the designated market.
  • Great selection of games. We make sure to update our database of demos and software providers frequently so our players can experience popular roulette games on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Original Roulette77 game. We have developed our own unique European and American roulette variations to bring you the most satisfying experience possible.
  • We recommend tested casinos. Our team will focus on providing you with insights into the best casinos that offer roulette for real money. We make sure that our recommendations are specifically adjusted for your country and region and in compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Good strategy and guide articles. Both novice players and veterans can find our expert roulette advice for free. We will help you with the basic rules and in-depth strategies for roulette.