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Best Tips for Roulette Players

Last updated: 14.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard

How do you win at roulette? It’s a great question and one that deserves a great answer as well. We cannot give you a straight answer on how to win in this game every time you sit down to play. It’s just what gambling is all about, and you should not feel bad. No system is without its foibles, and no strategy is without its weakness.

But the question you should be asking is not how to win per se, but rather how to give yourself the best chance to win at roulette instead. Now, this is a question that we can really help you with. Our article is an insightful breakdown of everything you need to know about the game’s dynamic and what determines successful and unsuccessful outcomes. Let’s take a look at what the best chances of turning a profit are.

Spoiler Alert: What to Know

Before we get into the thick of it, as it were, we just want to kindly remind you that these tips we provide here are not a surefire way to turn guaranteed profits. Rather, the advice we offer is based on stats and facts, and you need to account for the fact that there is a lot of luck involved. Still, you can definitely do something about the luck factor and help minimize it – plain and simple. Let’s take a look.

1) Tips Before you Start Playing

There are a few things that we want to cover with you before you actually start playing, so let’s take a look at this first.

1.1 Single Zero vs Double Zero Tables

We have all seen roulettes that have one or two zeroes. Have you ever asked yourself if this actually matters? Well, as it turns out, it does as it affects the house edge. In the European version of the game, roulette only has a single zero, but it gets a double zero in the American version. At first blush, this doesn’t look like much, but is this so?

The house edge for a European version is 2.70%. What this means is that if you bet £100, you should be losing – on average – only £2.70. Alright, this is something you can live with. However, the house edge increase to 5.26% when you transfer to American roulette. This means that you will be losing £5.26 on every £100 you bet.

Something more, the chances of winning the even odds bets in European roulette, i.e., Odd/Even, Red/Black, and so on, is 48.6%, and in American roulette, the odds are 47.4%. Hold on, isn’t that just a 1.2% difference? It is, but as you start playing, it will stack up rapidly and deprive you of many potential wins.

Still, American roulette remains very popular despite this drawback. However, some players tend to say that they need to think more about American roulette than they do when playing European, and as such – it appeals to them a lot more.

But, in the end, we only care about one thing – which version of the game is better. It’s a good question, and we still believe that the answer is the same – European roulette gives you the best odds of winning here.

American roulette

American Roulette Wheel

European roulette

European Roulette Wheel

1.2 Consider the Betting Limits

Another thing that you need to be doing is to see what the betting limits at a particular table are – how big and how small you can go with each. This is particularly important as you will need this to use any type of strategy. Inside Bets such as Straight Up or Outside Bets, such as Odd/Even, Red/Black and High/Low, may have different betting limits.

Different roulette tables have different betting limits, ranging from £0.10 to £200, which is very normal. Some Outside Bets may have limits set between £1 and £500, for example. Every table and game may be slightly different, depending on the casino where you are playing.

But can betting limits truly affect the game? Yes, they can, and you better find out more about this now! Here is an example:

  • You may want to only bet £0.5, but then again, the game you have picked could only allow bets of £1 or more
  • You may want to bet with a particular progressive strategy and do not want to break the progression (when you incur a number of negative outcomes on the wheel)
  • You may want to bet on Straight Up bets and place big amounts, such as $200, but this may not be possible.

Having looked at all of these examples, we have the same answer – yes, betting limits are quite important. Besides, you need to also factor in your bankroll. If you have only £100 and the game you are playing has betting limits of £50 to £5,000, this is clearly a bad table for you.

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1.3 En Prison and La Partage

Did you know that you can boost your chances of succeeding even more? This is done through the introduction of the En Prison and La Partage rules. Both rules will help you “win more,” and generally, having them in the game you are playing is definitely good.

Basically, the La Partage rule works if hit on a zero, but you wagered an Outside Bets. In this case, the croupier returns half of the bet.

If the same situation happens when the En Prison rule works, the wheel will be spun again, and your original bet will remain in place. If that spin is successful, you get your win; if not, your bet loses. In a way, this rule reminds players of the Surrender rule in American roulette. En Prison and La Partage reduce the house edge in European roulette to 1.35% from 2.70%.

1.4 Practice on Free Demo Games

Another great way to approach roulette games is to practice online by looking up the best possible titles that are available for free versions. You can gain experience for free and leverage it to pursue long-term success with each title that you lay your hands on. There are tons of great free games you can find right here.

Explore our library of best roulette games 100+ demo games Find more games

1.5 Multipliers and Bonus Rounds

There are so many versions of the game out there that you cannot be surprised to discover a few that are outside the box. Titles such as Quantum Roulette will make sure that you are having a blast when playing the game and feature a multiplier. The multiplier can provide you with a big win on top of what you get. If you win a Straight Up bet, you can also get a multiplier, which can be as high as 5X. Given that the payout for a Straight Up bet is 35:1, you can see how this can be a massive payout!

But let’s give you an example of winning a Straight Up bet with a multiplier of 5X. By just betting £1, you end up winning £175. There are other games with multipliers, too, and they belong to the roulette experience. They include:

  • Golden Chip Roulette (Yggdrasil) 500X
  • Lightning Roulette (Evolution Gaming) 50X-500X
  • Multifire Roulette (Switch Studios) 500X
  • Quantum Roulette (Playtech) 500X
  • Superboost Roulette 1000X

Then again, there are some roulette games available online where you can also get some bonuses along the way and have a blast, including:

2) Strategic tips

Now that we have covered many of the basics, it’s time to have a closer look at some of the strategies that you can follow, and, generally, the tips that will help you streamline the experience and make your gameplay a little more comprehensive. Once again, these tips do not guarantee a win, but they go a long way.

2.1 Inside bets vs Outside Bets

Inside Bets Outside Bets
Inside Bets Outside Bets

The best way to make the best out of your roulette experience is to understand what types of wagers there are. There are two – Inside and Outside Bets, and they are split on the table, not so much on the wheel. Basically, the Outside Bets are Odd/Even, Red/Black, High/Low, and the Inside Bets are the numbers on the inner side of the table.

The Inside Bets are characterized by the fact that they are riskier, but they pay a much better ratio. However, winning those bets is already challenging enough, and you will have to tread carefully. With this in mind, it really comes down to whether you prefer riskier bets that have a much lower chance to hit or prefer to stick to safer wagers.

Generally speaking, though, playing over an extended period of time and betting only on Outside Bets still comes with a risk. Most people agree that sticking to the Outside Bets is generally a good strategy in the long term and one that mostly seems to work.

However, keep in mind that inside bets are very volatile and unpredictable. Betting on Inside Bets, you need to be mentally prepared that you will be losing a lot more often than you win, but the wins could actually end up making for your losses. Once again, these are purely theoretical scenarios and will depend on how you mix bets and the size of your wagers.

2.2 Use Betting Systems, But Mind the Caveats

Betting systems are definitely a good way to advance and elevate your roulette plays. If you visit our Roulette Strategy section, you see no fewer than 20 worthwhile systems that we have tested extensively and are very happy to share with you now as well. Once again, we must insist that these strategies are not magical formulas for success and luck must be accounted for at all times. Let’s take a look.

  • Martingale is one of the most common strategies and a betting system that we recommend getting you started. You should definitely take a look at the system and see what it is about. Then, you can actually move forward and try to see what the variations of the system are, including options such as Grand Martingale and Reverse Martingale.
  • Another popular system is, of course, D’Alembert and Reverse D’Alembert. If you have a bankroll of at least £500, you are better off using the regular strategy. If not, then stick to the Reverse option.
  • Then you have Fibonacci, a system which is quite interesting and where the bets move up and down based on a fixed progression that has been tested.
  • Basically, all systems that rely on progression will be a race against the time. You will be trying to generate sufficient winnings and stop while you are ahead. Lower base rates in such strategies mean lower risk in short to mid-term, too.

2.3 Stop Betting Progressions on Time

Just like mentioned above, roulette is crafted in a mathematical way that is stacked against you. The long-term expectations of any game of roulette are negative, and there is no way you can change that. If you play until you lose – you will lose. This statement is a little strange but bears with us. There is no way you can “win” at roulette, but you can determine when you have won enough funds and when it’s a good time to quit. Progressive systems require many moves, and you need to have the financial resource to support yourself if the system ends up going to high up the chain.

Stop your betting progression in time

2.4 Combine Inside and Outside Bets

Another good way to approach roulette is to be strategical about the types of bets you make. For example, you want to make sure that you are combining both your Inside and Outside Bets and giving yourself a good chance to balance between the uncertainty about both types. It’s a bit like managing a portfolio, but the luck factor here is much greater.

If you do have £56 to wager, though, you can go with £50 on an odd bet, £5 on three corners and £1 for two splits. This is just a suggestion, of course, and you can definitely adjust this betting any which way you prefer. Still, keep in mind that there is a high risk associated with Inside Bets, and you need to be careful when you play.

3) Tips for Live Roulette

Now, roulette comes in many shapes and forms, and you will definitely be pleased to find out that you can also get to play the game not only as an RNG version but also as a fully-fledged live casino that is played in the company of a live dealer. Here, we will quickly walk you through some time-tested stratagems that will get you up to speed in no time.

3.1 Create Betting Patterns Before You Play

Live roulette is about speed as much as it’s about having some “larger than life” experience with an actual croupier. The croupier will cut the betting time by saying “no more bets,” which will limit your opportunity to take your time. That is why it’s very important that you do not panic and focus on knowing what bets you want to make – what is good and what is based. Besides, you can also pick a game where you will be able to save some betting patterns and just use them through a shortcut. This will depend on the version, but there are opportunities to enjoy yourself. If you think you can react quickly enough manually, you can keep doing this. Betting patterns, though, will also let you chat up the live dealers a bit, which could be fun as well and add to the enjoyment you get out of the experience!

3.2 How to Play Live Roulette for Free

Interestingly, there are a lot of people out there who are truly keen on finding ways to play Live Roulette for free. However, this is impossible because casinos invest a lot in running such games, and as such – you cannot expect to have access to free gaming options like this. There are some exceptions that are not related to the gaming experience, but you can still at least take a look at what is going on.

  • Some casinos will allow you to connect to the general live lobby and even take a look at the games that are taking place. You cannot participate in them, and you do still have to own a registered account. Not all games, though, will let you watch the game.
  • Another method that you could potentially use to play live casino roulette for “free” is to find a no-deposit bonus that will let you play any games that you want to. You need to check the terms and conditions of the bonus, though, to make sure that the bonus is not restricted to just individual gaming options. Sometimes you can even get a deposit bonus by depositing a small amount and getting a fantastic match rate. Not exactly free, but definitely doable.

4) Tips for Choosing the Right Online Casino for Roulette

Alright, clearly, not everything comes down to the games and strategies that you can or may use in the game. In some cases, you will also need to find the best roulette sites that offer you everything you would need to have a great time playing. There are many things to consider here, but we will help you get a quick stock of what some of the best casinos for roulette games are!

4.1 Only Play at Licensed Online Casinos

For starters, you want to make sure that you are only playing at licensed and regulated online casinos, plain and simple. Here are several reasons why we think that anyone based in the UK will appreciate this:

  • A licensed casino means that it’s regulated by a government regulator and is obligated by law to be fair and do right by you
  • A license from the UK Gambling Commission means that you can challenge certain outcomes and that the regulator will always step in if it finds evidence that you have been wronged
  • Conflict situations are settled by the regulation when it concerns licensed conditions, as those requirements are clearly stated in the T&Cs of every licensed casino in Great Britain.

In general, though, you want to make sure that if you find too many negative reviews about a casino, even if it's licensed, you want to just skip it. There are other upsides to playing at licensed casinos as well. For example, you will want to have access to 24/7 customer support (or, at the very least, working hours customer support), and this is a guarantee with the best casinos out there that are licensed.

Another plus is that you can use many trusted payment options, which make it very simple to actually participate in the gambling process and withdraw your winnings. Apple Pay is one of the more popular payment options that is supported by British casinos.

Best Trusted Online Casinos To Play Roulette

Proceed to casino ratings

4.2 Change Welcome Bonus for No Deposit and Cashback Offers

Look, this is true – almost all online casinos will come with a welcome bonus. Claiming such a bonus means that you suddenly have access to a huge amount of money, but this comes with the added heft of having to play through the entire bonus amount and possibly the deposit! You need to take a few steps to truly comprehend the true value of the bonus offer before you commit at all.

For starters, you must take a look at the wagering requirements. They will tell you what you are truly dealing with here, and you will be able to fully appreciate an offer. If the wagering requirements are too high, this means you will be stuck playing roulette forever, and you know already that long sessions are not smart to play all the time! After all, most often, the welcome bonus focuses on slots players. While playing roulette, the percentage of rollover can be changed. For example, if we play some slot and make a bet of 10 pounds, the entire amount of the bet will be considered when wagering; if make a bet in roulette, then in most cases, only 20 or 30 per cent of the bet amount will be taken into account, i.e. if you wager £10, only £3 will be counted towards wagering the bonus, making it difficult to wagering the welcome bonus exclusively on roulette. That is why we recommend that you change the welcome bonus to other types of bonuses.

The 100% match welcome bonus that comes with a 50X wagering requirement means that you need to wager the deposit or bonus amount, for example, £1,000, times this multiplier. In other words, you would need to play through £50,000 in order to clear the bonus and withdraw any winnings thereof. This is a very serious sum, and you can probably see by now why it may be a little hard to accomplish this.

Now, truly experience roulette, players do not mind the welcome bonus – it’s fun and definitely useful. However, there are other promotions that can actually help you win more and really make the most out of a great promotional offer. These are the no deposit bonuses which give you free play – in a way, and the cashback offers.

We love cashbacks because they are calculated on your losses, and yes, you will have losses, so why not get some of the money you already spent back? In general, cashback works like this; you get back a percentage of the amount lost over the past week. For example, if you lost 100 pounds from Monday to Sunday, then on Monday, you will receive 25 pounds of cashback on your balance. A huge advantage of such a bonus is that it is usually without a wager or minimal wagering conditions. So, if you are looking for the long and short of it, all we have to say is that you should probably try and avoid welcome bonuses and focuses on the things you can change and control, more or less.

5) Responsible Gambling Tips

To make the most out of your online roulette experience, you also need to acknowledge that gambling can be addictive and people who tend to lose quick, bet big and keep chasing their losses are likely suffering from or experiencing symptoms of problem gambling. That is why, if you truly care about having fun and giving yourself the best chances of actually winning when playing a game of roulette, it’s important to stick to the best-established responsible gambling practices.

The goal of a roulette player is to have fun and win money in the process, but it’s important to understand that there are certain things and aspects of the experience that you need to safeguard against. There are a number of smart ways to play responsibly, thus increasing your chances to keep winning, and we will help guide you through those.

5.1 Manage Your Bankroll

The first and perhaps best piece of advice when it comes to responsible gambling and online roulette is to always try and manage your bankroll smartly. This will make sure that you always start with a plan.

A bankroll is very important not only because it helps you play responsibly but also because it gives you a clear indication of how much you can afford to risk and what betting limits you are looking for. We have already touched on betting limits and how they may impact your game of roulette, along with your chances to win. Here are several tips:

  • Remember that your credit card balance is not the same as your bankroll. You need to understand that how much money you have in your bank account is separate from how much money you are going to play with. Set this amount beforehand, and do not go over it in any circumstances.
  • Focus on making sure that you have achievable goals. Do not chase four-figure winnings if you have a small budget, and focus on small, incremental gains instead. Usually, people agree that a win amount five times smaller than your pre-determined bankroll is good.
  • Do not spend the money you have won right away. Rather, focus on cashing out some of that and adding to your bankroll from the amounts won.

5.2 Set Limits

Set your limits in your account

We have already touched on this, but in order to be able to play well and play responsibly, you need to pick a reputable roulette site. Now, a good casino will make sure that it has a dedicated “Responsible Gambling” section which you can visit and set your betting limits as you see fit – these limits may be adjusted daily, weekly, or monthly.

The limits you set will be enforceable with immediate effect. This is a good mechanism, as it helps you set your own pace of play and is focused on a voluntary collaboration between you and the casino. People who use bankroll limits tend to be much less likely to play excessively and are generally more satisfied with their gameplay experience, as they tend to be more careful and smarter about their gambling habits.

We also did a small test to determine if casinos are actually quick to respond and visit the online roulette casinos; we recommend with a request to be listed on their self-exclusion list. The ones we find trustworthy were quick to respond and helpful overall.

5.3 Reach Out If You Are Worried About Your Gambling

Sometimes, gambling can be a little too much. Online roulette is a lot of fun, but the game can also get a bit ahead of you, and as such, you may find yourself sharing an urge to play more and more – even when it’s not prudent. Betting and bankroll limits are definitely helpful, but if you have not set those and you find yourself worried that your gambling habit may be getting out of hand, there are things that you can actually do in order to help bring things in order once again.

For starters, casinos that are worth their salt will always offer you access to a Responsible Gambling center. There are links, information, and other relevant things you may need to get the help you deserve. Gamblers Anonymous and GamCare are usually featured on every British online roulette casino, without any exceptions. What this means is that you can always reach out and receive the help you deserve. Here are several ways to tell if you are experiencing gambling-related harm.

#1 You Find Yourself Preoccupied with Gambling Thoughts

If you are thinking about gambling too much already, this is one of the classic tell-tale signs that you may be developing an unhealthy attitude towards gambling. It’s important to immediately introduce limits and perhaps base them on your first weeks of spending at a casino.

#2 You Have Lied in Order to Continue Gambling

If you have lied to continue gambling, this is another classic symptom that your gambling hobby is indeed taking the best of you. It’s important that in cases such as these, you seek out the resources that are readily available to you and act on them. You can reach out to Gamblers Anonymous and GamCare or another.

#3 Win or Lose You Feel a Need to Gamble More

If you have lost a substantial amount on roulette or won but still find no satisfaction, this means that you are hooked and that your hobby is getting the better of you. It’s time to unwind by seeking the necessary help so that you can enjoy gaming once again as opposed to spiraling deeper into this problematic behavior.

#4 You Have Borrowed Money or Played Beyond Your Means

If you have borrowed money to continue gambling, you are experiencing serious gambling harm and must stop right now. Please refer to the relevant experts who will be there to help you free of charge and assist you.

6) Roulette Tips from the Experts

We understand that the best way to help you understand and improve your roulette game is to reach out to every person who has been a known face in the roulette community. That is why we sought even more pieces of advice from experts who understand roulette mathematically and strategically and have shared their two pence on the matter. Check out the tips below and see what some of the best and most accomplished roulette think about “beating” the game.

  • We know there are more chances of success in roulette with one 0. However, some players purposefully choose roulette with 00. What is the specific motivation for this choice?

    The 0/00 game is traditional and easy to find on any gaming floor which makes it more popular. The 0/SR/European Roulette version is only in the high end casinos and in the high limit room which makes it less accessible.

    Jesse Lauer Owner/President of PCI Dealer School
    Jesse Lauer Owner/President of PCI Dealer School
  • Is it possible in practice to use the data from the statistics of cold/hot numbers with benefit (to have an advantage)? Or is this statistic just an indicator of the correct operation of this or that table?

    The hot/cold indicator is just to show the customers the last numbers that have been hitting or not hitting and really has no advantage to the game. It’s similar to Baccarat where they have the screen there to show all the recent hits of the shoe. Whether it’s been Player/Banker/Pairs/Ties or Dragons. Really doesn’t change anything of the game but it lets the superstitious players feel like they know what’s going on (Baccarat has one of the biggest “holds” in the casinos), so the screen showing all the previous hits is a bunch of malarkey.

    Jesse Lauer Owner/President of PCI Dealer School
    Jesse Lauer Owner/President of PCI Dealer School
  • Have you tried wheel defect-based strategies? And what do you think about these methods?

    There's no such thing as a physically perfect wheel. All wheels exhibit some form of bias, but rarely is it enough alone to overcome the house edge. In many cases though, an exploitable bais will occur in the short-term but only under certain conditions (for example, with specific rotor speed ranges, and ball combinations). The problem is bias analysis requires lots of data, and finding short-term bias still requires long-term data. There are still ways around it, like by observing things like the sound of the ball hitting specific parts on a wheel.

    Contrary to popular belief, biased wheels are common. But there are far better ways of getting an edge in roulette. The main problem with biased wheel analysis in modern conditions is the time it takes, and general impracticality. You could spend weeks to find an exploitable biased wheel, and even then the edge would be only slight - and it would take too long to make sufficient profit. It's just not an efficient way to make money in todays casinos.

    "Roulette Physics" Team of professional roulette players
    "Roulette Physics" Team of professional roulette players
  • What methods of managing your bankroll do you use?

    When you have an edge, there is not such a need to manage bankroll. Successful play more relies on consistent application of your method for an edge, and having sufficient bankroll to overcome short-term losing streaks. You generally do not use betting progression, except potentially increasing bets as you win. Methods that rely wholly on bankroll management, without increasing accuracy of predictions (to change their odds of winning) will eventually fail.

    "Roulette Physics" Team of professional roulette players
    "Roulette Physics" Team of professional roulette players
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