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Straight Up Roulette Bet

Last updated: 18.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard

In roulette, the most common and easiest-to-comprehend bet is the straight-up bet. It brings some significant benefits to players who actually end up hitting it and is generally considered one of the best options. In this type of bet, all you do is to simply place your wager on a single number out of the many available. You have a 2.7% chance to win in European roulette, which is great odds already. The payout here is also quite good at 35:1.

Of course, the chances of winning a straight-up bet are low, but the idea that you can be paid 35:1 is fascinating and one that truly inspires people to give it their best shot when it comes to that. That is why the straight-up bet can be a powerful addition to strategies and is used smartly in combination with other types of bets.

Straight Up Roulette Bet
Odds for 0 version 2.70%
Odds for 00 version 2.60%
Payout 1:35
Expected value ($1) -0.9459

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A Look at Straight-Up Bets

So, we will now take a look at how efficient straight-up bets are and what to expect. We used a Google Sheets simulation. The simulation we used ran across 500 sessions and included four players that used betting units as follows: Player 1 ($1), Player 2 ($1), Player 3 ($3) and Player 4 ($5). The starting bankroll for each of these players was $1,000. Here are the results:

Straight Up Roulette Bet test

From the immediate results, we can clearly see that Player 1 and Player 2 maintained steady results throughout the entire action. Then again, Player 3’s bankroll seemed to be veering off rather rapidly, and Player 4 then experienced the highest peaks and the lowest results overall. Once again, Player 1 and 2 were playing with small amounts, so they didn’t have to worry. Player 4 is where it gets interesting.

The idea here is to quit while you are ahead, as Player 4 clearly was. Playing for the remainder of this 500-round sequence ended up costing him instead. It was very impressive, however, that none of the participants ended up completely losing their bankrolls, which is very interesting indeed. The strategies that can be used successfully with this type of bet are Martingale and Fibonacci, which we find very interesting and clever indeed.

Tips and Strategies for Straight Up-Bets

Of course, to make the best of any situation, you will probably want to have a strategy or two on your hands in order to gain the strongest theoretical advantage over the game. Let’s check out what some of the available solutions here are.

Combining Straight Up Bets with Outside Bets

So, clearly, you can start by combining your straight-up bets with the outside bets, which is generally considered a smart and common approach. In most cases, players put larger amounts on the outside bets and keep just a few units on the inside, which helps them balance somewhat, even if they lost. Let’s take a look.

Straight-Up Bets with Outside Bets

The 24+8 System

We have already examined an older version of the 24+8 system before. This is essentially betting a $10 on two of the three dozen and then putting on another bet in the form of a straight-up wager. In fact, you cover the remaining numbers with straight-up wagers.

The system suggests that you have a 91.89% chance of winning, but the drawback here is that the system is not entirely “foolproof”, as it were, and you can indeed end up losing a lot of money in the end. However, you can also peak and score well above your bankroll for a time, which is what you want to achieve.

Overall, you want to score one of the straight-up bets as hitting the dozens will still result in a zero profit, but it’s important as it helps you mitigate the damage. We will still maintain that this is a good strategy.

The 24+8 System

11-Number System

There is another great system that you would probably wish to explore yourself. It’s called the 11-number system. In this system, you place 11 straight-up bets based on the last winning number. You place on the last number and then cover the ten numbers surrounding the number while placing the same stake.

The idea here is that you are betting on “hot numbers,” but you must be warned that the entire concept of “hot numbers” is biased, and it is not proven that they exist. With this in mind, it’s a good strategy, but you will need to wait and see if you can win. Once again, you will be running a minimum bet of $11 per turn, so things can easily get out of hand if you incur too many losses.

This system is clearly a little more dangerous as it asks you to bet at least $11, and in our simulations, we never run such big wagers. What this means is that you need to make the right choices at the right time. If you see that your bankroll is growing, you may consider it time to stop short and/or restart with another less risky system. You can even move from this type of wagers altogether.

11-Number System


So, what of it, then? With its chances of winning fixed at 2.7%, you can definitely see that a straight-up bet is one of the riskier ones out there. Actually, it’s the riskiest type of bet you can ever play at a game of roulette, and that is why its potential payout is so generous at 35:1. As we have shown you several times now, there is no single strategy that will guarantee you success and much of it can depend on your own luck factors.

So, there is a lot you can get out of this type of wagering, which is fine. Then again, there is a lot of room for potential losses, which is precisely what you wish to avoid when you play with this type of wagers.

We have shown some other systems as well that you can incorporate into your regular gameplay and see what you can achieve and do. There is no limit to the strategies you can apply to a straight bet, which is precisely why so many people enjoy this type of wager and believe that it brings you some of the greatest benefits. However, you need to remind yourself that the house edge is stacked against you for better or for worse.

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