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Six Line Bet in Roulette

Last updated: 18.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard

Another great type of bets that you would want to explore is the six-line bet. We made sure to help you understand what this type of bet is, and it basically covers two rows of three numbers each. So, for example, 1,2, and 3 and 25, 26, and 27. Basically, it’s like a street bet that covers two adjoining rows of numbers. Sometimes, you may hear people referring to this bet as a double street.

The chances of winning on this bet are 16.2%, and the straight bet pays out 5:1: The six-line bets can be used in combination with any inside and outside bets. Let’s take a look at the test we did.

Six Line Bet in Roulette
Odds for 0 version 16.2%
Odds for 00 version 15.8%
Payout 1:5
Expected value ($1) -0.6

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Putting the Six-Line Bet to the Test

So, we also wanted to find out how efficient this type of bet is, and we put ourselves to hard work to do just that. What we did was to run a Google Sheets simulation with four players. Each player was given a $1,000 bankroll they were going to use over the course of 1,000 rounds. Each player was betting based on a pre-determined based bet, to wit $1, $2, $5, and $10, respectively. Let’s take a look at what our test results were.

Six Line Bet in Roulette test

After testing, we saw a trend emerge – the higher the base amount staked was, the higher the generated losses end up being. As a result, Player#1 ended up winning a small profit. Player#2 and 3 ended up losing $250 each, and Player#4 ended up losing $700. What this means is that this type of wagers can still be profitable, but it’s also much riskier and needs to be played with smaller amounts if you want to stay in the game.

Tips and Strategies for Six-Line Bets

With this in mind, it’s time for us to explore some of the available options and strategies that you can follow in order to make a difference in your everyday betting.

Double Street Quad Strategy

Let’s take a look at the opportunity to place double quad street bets and if this is going to help you achieve anything in the first place. We believe so. Here’s what it comes down to:

  • We place two six-line bets worth two units each
  • Then, we wager 1 unit wager on a straight up selection and 1 unit corner bet
  • It’s very important to make sure that none of the wagers actually end up overlapping. We stick with the same six-line and corner bets for each round but can move the straight up bet around if we feel like it.
Double Street Quad Strategy

The strategy is very easy to comprehend and very easy to implement. Players will have a great time making sure that they cover important sections of the board. For example, a strategy that covers 17 numbers out of the 37 available will give you a 45.9% chance of winning on European roulette and a 44.7% chance of winning on American roulette. Of course, you will always hope for a straight up bet win with this strategy as it’s massive.

Triple Six-Line Strategy

We found this interesting stratagem at a place called RouletteForum. It’s a great way to adjust your gameplay a bit:

  • The main idea here is to place a base unit wager on three six-line bets. So, you can start with, let’s say, $5. After every round, if we get 0 or 000, the next bet is the last combination of six-line.
  • If we lose, we add $1 to each line, but if we win – we subtract $1 from each but do not go below the base bet of $5, as we have agreed at the beginning.

The three six-line bets are actually pretty good. You have a 48.65% chance to win. Each winning round will give you 3 units extra, and each losing round will result in 3 units behind for your overall bankroll. It’s a very slow strategy, some argue, but it’s definitely a valid way to play the game.

Triple Six-Line Strategy

Doubling Six-Line Strategy

Now, this is another easy-to-understand strategy, and we believe that this stratagem can work for you. One particularity here is that it works best for high rollers, which is what you need to focus on in the first place. So, let’s take a look at what it is:

  • We wager a base unit on the six-line bet. If we lose, we will double our bet in the next round.
  • If we win, we go back to our base bet. That’s pretty much it. Here are the implications.

The biggest drawback is that you have around an 83.8% chance of losing if you use this stratagem in combination with the Martingale system. This means that the doubling six-line strategy can cost you a lot and quickly. Therefore, you need only embark on this stratagem if you have the bankroll to actually support it.


If you are looking for a great way to influence your roulette gameplay, we truly believe that going with six-line bets could be it. Once again, you need to be aware of the potential pitfalls that can ensue from a strategy that relies too heavily on inside bets. Players are welcome to have their best shot but also adjust their expectations as they do! The idea behind the six-liners is that you can always adjust your risk in a way by placing wagers that you think are most likely to come on the reels and also making sure that you never risk a great deal on an individual wager.

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