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Street Bet in Roulette

Last updated: 18.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard

A street bet in a game of roulette is similar to what a split bet is. Here, the main difference is that a street will cover three numbers instead of two. So, with a street bet, you have about an 8.1% chance of winning, and the payout ratio is 11:1. A street bet can also be composed with a zero as one of the numbers you are betting on. You can cover, for example, 0, 2, and 3.

Street Bet in Roulette
Odds for 0 version 8.1%
Odds for 00 version 7.9%
Payout 1:11
Expected value ($1) -0.8181

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A Look into Street Bets

We took a look into what street bets are and how they perform over the longer term. We used Google Sheets to create a random number generator to see if these bets are actually effective and, if so, by how much. We started with a $1,000 budget and placed a single street bet for every round played. There were four players involved, with Player 1 betting $1, Player 2 betting $2, Player 3 betting $3 and Player 4 betting $5 for every round over the course of 1,000 betting rounds. We have collected and summarized the results in the graph below.

Street Bet in Roulette test

As you can see, the results are pretty much what you can expect. Player 1 and Player 2’s bankrolls remained rather stable throughout the entire sequence, but Player 3 and Player 4 took on a much higher risk and ended up depleting their bankroll so much sooner.

Tips and Strategies for Street Bets

We will now provide you with a number of interesting stratagems that you may use if you are interested in exploring Street Bets to their full potential.

9 Street System

We saw an interesting video shared on GED Dealer School’s YouTube Channel. The system they used was not named, but we chose to call it the 9-street system. Here’s what it is comes down to:

  • We place a $1 wager (or currency equivalent) on 10 separate street bets
  • If we win, we only place 9 street bets in the next round
  • If we lose, we keep with 10 street bets on the next round as well
  • We never wager on the last winning street wager
9 Street System

You are probably wondering what the odds of winning nine street bets are. Well, they are actually pretty good, around 73%. Each bet will produce a profit of 3 units. You could use this strategy with something like Martingale or another betting system. Like any other roulette bet, the 9-street betting system is not guaranteed to always result in sure wins, and you will definitely hit a snag in the long term.

6 Street System

We kept on looking for good strategies for roulette, and we came across the Man’s Life Roulette, which introduced us to this strategy. It’s essentially as follows:

  • We put five random street bets as a bet on 0, 1, 2 and 3
  • If we end up losing, we increase our stake by one unit
  • If we win, we will then decrease our stake by one unit
  • We do so following d’Alembert’s system

Now, you are probably wondering what the maths here looks like. Well, the chances of winning here are above 50%, some 51.35%, in fact, when applied to European (single zero) roulette. We break even if the 0, 1, 2 or 3 comes, and that is something we can get behind. It’s a very enjoyable strategy.

6 Street System


So, what to make of it? There are clearly different ways to use street bets and apply them to a strategy. They are always best when used as part of “the bigger picture”, and they are so to help you better understand the game and mitigate risk. While you won’t be able to win 100%, using any roulette strategy, the ones examined here definitely will give you a small advantage in the short to mid-term. Street bets are a great way to improve your overall gameplay by demonstrating a level of understanding that few other players on a roulette table will have.

The important thing here is that you will also get to enjoy gameplay that is based on a deeper knowledge and understanding of the game itself rather than blindly following a strategy. Keep in mind that the entry-level to street bets is slightly higher compared to betting straight-up bets with Martingale and Fibonacci. Then again, this may be a lot more fun as well for you to explore in the long term.

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