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Split Bet in Roulette

Last updated: 18.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard

Now, there is another type of bet – or bets rather, that are called split bets (Cheval). Essentially, what this means is that you can have two adjacent roulette numbers combined in a single bet, plain and simple. So, you can actually bet in a way that lets you have half your bet on 25 and the other half on 26. The chances of winning in European roulette for this type of bet is 5.4%, and you have a 17:1 payout.

Split Bet in Roulette
Odds for 0 version 5.4%
Odds for 00 version 5.3%
Payout 1:17
Expected value ($1) -0.8823

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Testing Split Bets in Roulette

Now, the split bets are definitely interesting, but how effective they can be will boil down to quickly putting them to the test through our Google Sheets format. There, you will have four players who are made up and run fictional wager sizes as follows: Player 1 ($1), Player 2 ($2), Player 3 ($3) and Player 4 ($5). This is for each of the 1,000 rounds of the simulations without any changes. The different stake sizes are likely to have different outcomes:

Split Bet in Roulette test

You will immediately notice that Player 4’s bankroll saw the biggest drops in overall profitability. In fact, Player 4 saw their bankroll collapse right from the start. Player 1’s bankrolls did quite well over all 1,000 rounds, with the player ending up with overall profitability in the end.

Player 2 mostly stood in the black, but he started edging towards a loss towards the end. Then Player 3 had a great hot streak towards the end, which allowed them to break even. However, Player 4’s $5 wagers turned out to be a bit too challenging for the sake of guaranteeing long-term sustainability. It’s all about timing – how soon you are going to call it quits – before or after you have had your bankroll collapse.

Tips and Strategies for Split Bets

With this being said, there are many ways and approaches to Split Bets in general. Here, we outline some of the stratagems you can put to good use yourself.

Combine Split Bets with Outside Bets

One of the strategies you can try is to combine split bets with outside bets. You could wager $10 on Red, for example, and then run a $1 on 10/11 split, for example. It’s a good and exciting overall strategy.

Split Bets with Outside Bets

14 Split Strategy

A 14 Split Strategy is straightforward, and it basically tells you to cover 28 numbers with 14 split bets. Only nine numbers here will be uncovered, which is a good overall number. A win will get us a 4-unit gain, but a loss will cost us 14 units. This disparity will cost you a lot in the long term, however, and it’s very important to make sure that you understand this.

14 Split Strategy

9 Split Strategy

The 9 Split Strategy is also relevantly simple and easy to follow. We have broken it down in bullets for your benefit:

  • Place a base bet on nine splits. Remember that all pairs of splits need to be the same colour.
  • If you lose, you can increase the bet for each split by one unit.
  • If we win or win after a loss, we continue or return to the pre-agreed bet size.

What does the math say here? Well, we cover 18 numbers out of 37 with this strategy, and we have a 48.6% chance of winning. Each win gets us 9 units, and each loss costs us 9 units as well. As you can see, this strategy maybe even better than the last one we discussed.

9 Split Strategy


The split bet is the second most volatile bet – the first naturally being the straight-up bet. As such, you will notice that in order to play well using split bets, you will need to factor in for these unique drawbacks that the wager type has inherent. However, you can always combine the split bet with something else, such as outside bets, which should give you a fairly good foothold in your game.

Once again, the best way to make the most out of split bets is to put them to practice using some specific wagering system. The simulations we ran were designed in order to demonstrate fully well how you need to adjust your expectations and what happens over 1,000 betting rounds, for example.

Betting big from the beginning is definitely a tempting strategy, but our statistics show that you are running a much higher risk. Therefore, being patient and running smaller wagers per betting sequence may actually be the best way for you to move forward.

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