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Monopoly Roulette Hot Propertie by SG Interactive

Last updated: 07.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties
European Roulette
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Best casino with Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties

Trada Casino
Table limits £1 - £500
Release year 2015
Variation European
RTP 95.5%
Multipliers x2 000
Software SG Interactive
Table limits £1 - £500

Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties is a casino game that combines elements of traditional roulette with the iconic board game Monopoly. This roulette variation was created by SG Interactive and is one of the most popular monopoly roulette games.

The gameplay is somehow similar to standard European roulette. As a player, you can place your bets on where you think the ball will land on the spinning wheel. But, this game has several unique betting options and extra functions that are directly linked to the Monopoly board game.

Hot Properties, Chance, 2 Rolls, and 4 Rolls at the four extra betting options that make this game unique. In other words, Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties offers a unique and exciting twist on traditional roulette gameplay. Let’s get right into exploring its main features and characteristics.

Features and characteristics

As mentioned above, Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties offers a unique roulette experience due to its extra features:

  • Hot Properties betting option: Players can place bets on the monopoly property they believe will be next to land on the roulette wheel.
  • Chance betting option: Betting on Chance allows players to win a multiplier of their bet if the ball lands on the Chance segment of the wheel.
  • 2 Rolls betting option: This option allows you to win up to 500x your bet amount if the ball lands on the 2 Rolls slot.
  • 4 Rolls betting option: Just like 2 Rolls, this bet allows you to win up to 2000x your bet amount if the ball lands on the 4 Rolls segment of the wheel.
  • The RTP of the Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties is around 95.5%.
  • The game also includes an autoplay function that allows you to place the same bet for consecutive rounds.
  • Players have the ability to use the race track function to bet on complex betting options such as groups of numbers like zero, tiers, orphans, etc.
  • Finally, the Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties provide players with statistics on the game's previous spins.

It becomes evident that this particular roulette variation comes with multiple betting options and extra functions for the players.

Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties screen 1
Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties screen 2
Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties screen 3
Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties screen 4

Table Limits

Bet Payout Minimum Maxiumum
Straight up 35:1 0.1 25
Split 17:1 0.1 50
Street 11:1 0.1 250
Corner 8:1 0.1 100
Six Line 5:1 0.1 150
Column 2:1 0.1 250
Dozen 2:1 0.1 250
Even/Odd 1:1 0.1 500
Red/Black 1:1 0.1 500
High/Low 1:1 0.1 500

How to Play

Due to the many functions offered by the Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties, players can apply multiple roulette strategies during the game. You can always experiment with the demo version provided above to familiarise yourself with the extra monopoly features provided.

After you get the hang of it, you can start playing the real-money version of the game. Once you enter the Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties:

  1. You will have the opportunity to either play the game as a traditional European roulette or take advantage of the extra features like the Hot Properties betting option.
  2. Once you launch the game, the first thing you need to do is choose your bet amount from the left side of the screen. The minimum bet value is 0.10.
  3. Then you will get to choose between variant betting options. If you choose to bet on the Hot Properties section and the ball lands on it, you will then be transferred to the extra bonus game. There, you will find 18 property cards and you will have some picks. After choosing some properties, the game will give you an offer that you can either accept or decline.
  4. You are all set! Click on the wheel and wait for the spin to begin.

Apart from the Hot Properties section, the game rules and odds are very similar to those of traditional European roulette. Therefore, if you’ve played roulette in the past, you should have no issues understanding the main features of this game.

Pros and Cons

We tested out this game and found out that it comes with certain advantages and disadvantages for the player. Here are the main pros and cons of the Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties:

  • Unique gameplay with multiple extra betting options
  • Autoplay and race track features are available
  • Great for Monopoly board game fans
  • A bit complex for beginner players
  • Higher house edge than a standard roulette