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Live American Roulette (Evolution Gaming)

Last updated: 07.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2017
Variation double zero
RTP 94.74%
Multipliers -
Table limits Depends on casino

Best casino with Live American Roulette

Lucky Thrillz Casino
Table limits £0.2 - 2 000

Launched in November 2017, Live American Roulette is a live dealer game streamed from Latvia. It is based on the classic version of this variant, so there are no jackpots, bonus games, or multipliers. The interface can be viewed in 15 different languages and the game runs on browsers, so any type of mobile device can be used to play. The game table can be viewed from 6 different angles and chatting with other players & the croupier is possible. Thanks to the simple yet useful interface, you can easily focus on the game without getting distracted.

Live American Roulette is developed by Evolution, one of the first live casino studios around. It was established in 2006 and until 2017, it has added all the classic casino games to its portfolio, including all main variants of roulette. Today, its collection contains almost 100 titles in different categories, and roulette is still one of its most popular games. If you are looking for classic gameplay without bells and whistles, Live American Roulette by Evolution may be the right choice for you.

Main Features of Live American Roulette by Evolution

We can say that this game is the “vanilla” version of American roulette: it does not contain any side bets or bonus features. There are 38 numbers on the wheel and that's because it has two 0 pockets: 0 and 00. This is the most important difference that distinguishes American roulette from other variants, lowering the RTP ratio (94.74%) and increasing the house edge (5.26%). Two 0 pockets mean that the casino will make more profit from player bets in the long run.

The other distinguishing feature of American roulette is the “basket” bet, also known as the “five-number”. This is a type of bet available only in this variant and allows you to try your luck on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 at the same time. Basket is a type of bet that pays 6:1 and offers 13.20% odds. Its house edge is 7.89%, which is quite a high value. Apart from these two differences, you can still bet on a single number or a range of numbers, just like in other roulette variants. Likewise, you can try your luck for colors or odd/even numbers.

You can find these distinctive features in Live American Roulette by Evolution with the same RTP/house edge values. In other words, there is nothing original in terms of game features: you are playing good-old classic American roulette. However, you can use some options directly from the interface that can make the gameplay more enjoyable and faster. For example:

  • Past statistics. You can see the results of the last 500 spins at any time. These statistics allow you to easily track hot/cold numbers. You can highlight hot or cold numbers by moving your mouse over the statistics diagram and place your bet in this way too.
  • Automatic gameplay. You can automatically participate in new rounds without changing the bet amount and the bet itself. You can choose to do this, for example, for the next 20 spins.
  • Favorite bets. You can save up to 15 bets (bet type + bet amount) and place them with one click.
Bet Payout
Straight up 35:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 1:1

Betting Limits

Like all other live dealer games, the betting limits for Live American Roulette (Evolution) will be different at each casino. The most common range we see is 1 (minimum) – 5,000 (maximum), but keep in mind that these are not standard values. You can find more information in the table below.

Pros & Cons of Evolution Live American Roulette

  • Below average betting range: good choice for low rollers
  • Past spin statistics can help you make more consistent predictions
  • Greater variety of bets compared to other roulette variants
  • The interface can be displayed in 15 different languages
  • The house edge of the additional bet is too high
  • Might be too “old-school” for some players

Tips for Playing Live American Roulette by Evolution

  • Basket bet may not be a good choice

    This “five-number” bet lets you spread your wagers on 5 different numbers, so you may think that it offers more chances to win. Unfortunately, this is not the case: the house edge of the basket bet is 7,89%, which is way above the average. To give you an idea, the odds of hitting this bet is 13,16% and the payout is 6:1. Corner bet, for example, comes with odds of 10,50% and pays 8:1. Line bet, on the other hand, pays 5:1 with odds of 15,80%. Overall, basket bet is one of the worst bets in roulette: it is not a good choice at all.

  • Don’t rely on James Bond strategy

    Most American roulette players use this strategy thinking that covering the wheel as much as possible will bring better chances. Technically, this is true: this strategy lets you cover 16 of 38 outcomes, almost half of the wheel. However, even then, the chance of losing will be somewhere between 30% and 35% per spin. This is a big figure: you will lose lots of spins and when tested in a simulator with 1,000 spins, the result is always negative. Simply put, the James Bond strategy does not work in American roulette (or any other variant): it does not change the actual RTP and house edge values, so it can never work.

  • Manage your bankroll wisely

    Using your bankroll wisely will be the best “trick” you can use while playing Evolution Live American Roulette. What we mean by this is that don't spend all your money on something insane like betting on “red 7” - that only happens in movies. Ideally, we recommend starting by breaking your budget into units of 10. For example, if your budget is 100, divide it into 10 and get 10 different bankrolls. Then start using these bankrolls for outside bets that offer a high chance of winning. In any case, keep playing until you reach the goals you set (or the loss limit).


What is the RTP of live American Roulette by Evolution?

The RTP of Live American Roulette by Evolution is 94,74%, which is the standard payout rate of the American variant. There are no side bets and/or bonus features that can increase or decrease the RTP value. This also makes it house edge 5,26%, which is also the standard rate.

Why play double zero roulette when single zero roulettes are available as well?

Playing double zero roulette, especially in land-based casinos, may be a good choice due to the lower betting range and more betting variety. Even if you have a low bankroll, you can play longer and try your luck on more outcomes. In online casinos, European/French variants will be better due to their lower house edges.

Is this game available in demo mode?

No, this game is not available in demo mode. You can play it only with real money. This is not an unexpected situation: due to the nature of this technology, live casino games cannot be played for free, so this applies to all other live dealer games as well, not only live roulette.

What are the best casinos with Live American Roulette by Evolution?

Since it is a popular variant, Live American Roulette by Evolution can be found in many online casinos. We recommend starting with your favorite casino sites: most probably, the game will be available at those casinos. If not, you can check out Trada Casino, Mr.Bet, and Platin Casino: they have this game and offer it with good bonuses.

Is it possible to beat American roulette?

It is not possible to truly beat American roulette. This is also true for all other casino games: the mathematical principles behind these games always give an edge to the casino in the long run. There are no strategies that will guarantee winning. However, you can get better winning chances with some betting options.