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French Roulette Gold (Evolution Gaming)

Last updated: 07.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2018
Variation single zero
RTP 98.65%
Multipliers -
Table limits Depends on casino

Best casino with French Roulette Gold

Lucky Thrillz Casino
Table limits £0.5 - 2 000

Evolution Gaming’s massive live dealer game portfolio includes many types of roulette, one of which is French Roulette Gold. As the name suggests, this game follows the rules of the most popular roulette variant found in the grandiose Monte Carlo casinos and includes all the perks that make French roulette unique. Like most Evolution Gaming live casino titles, the game is easy to understand, features a simple yet effective design, and there are different betting options to suit every player.

As expected from the Swedish software supplier, the streams, which are hosted in the studio in Latvia, work flawlessly and are of high quality, and the dealers are professional and pleasant. As for the game itself, it’s a single-zero roulette wheel that has a table layout that’s slightly different than standard European roulette. Being a French version of the game, the outside bets are named in French, but players can see the English translations as well - so there’s no language barrier when playing this game.

The biggest difference is the implementation of the La Partage rule, which lowers the house edge to just 1.35%. The game also includes all the standard Evolution Gaming features, such as a racetrack, bet history, and saved bets, but aside from the basic inside and outside bets, there are other betting options, including Finale a Cheval and Finale en Plein. Another difference is the table layout interface. In comparison to European and American roulette, the French roulette betting grid looks slightly different, with the Low, Odd, and Red bets at the top, followed by the Dozen bets on the right, and the High, Even, and Black bets at the bottom.


French Roulette Gold by Evolution Gaming is another variant of the supplier’s famous Live Roulette game, with the implementation of the classic French roulette wheel and rules. Thus, if a double-zero roulette wheel, such as the American roulette wheel, has a house advantage of 5.26%, the percentage for a single-zero roulette wheel, such as the European and French roulette, is just 2.7%.

However, French roulette has another ace up its sleeve - the La Partage and En Prison rules. With these two rules, the house edge of French Roulette is just 1.35%, making it the most beneficial roulette variant with a Return to Player ratio of 98.65%. The payouts are the same as the standard European roulette, with 35:1 for straight bets.

The two exclusive French roulette rules are the En Prison and La Partage rules. The La Partage rule applies when the player has an even money bet (such as Red/Black, Even/Odds, High/Low), and the ball lands on zero. With this rule, the player loses only half of his bet, while the other half is returned to them - which is why the house edge of French roulette drops to just 1.35%. There’s another French roulette-exclusive rule, the En Prison rule, which imprisons the bet until the next spin, but this rule doesn’t apply to Evolution Gaming’s variant.

Some of the additional features that French Roulette Gold include:

  • Racetrack betting (Announced bet) - The racetrack is located on the right bottom part of the screen, and players can use it to place special bets such as orphelins, tiers, voisins, neighbors of zero, and more.
  • Game statistics - Users can check out the statistics, such as hot and cold numbers and a chart with statistics of the last 500 rounds.
  • Favorite bets - All Evolution Gaming roulette variants, including French Roulette Gold, feature a favorite bets option which allows players to save up to 15 favorite bets and the amount of these bets. This is a useful option when trying to execute a more complex strategy.
  • Autoplay function - The autoplay function allows players to place a bet, and when they trigger the function, it will automatically make the same bet for the selected number of rounds or until the player himself stops this function.
  • Chat with the dealer - The game follows a high-class design and interface, and there’s also an option to chat with the croupier using the Live Chat feature.
Bet Payout
Straight up 35:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 1:1


The betting limits for this game are not determined by Evolution Gaming but by the casino operators themselves. However, as a general rule, the betting range for French Roulette Gold is usually very wide to accommodate both casual players and high rollers. Due to the nature of the game, it’s popular among all roulette enthusiasts, which is why the betting range often starts very low and has high maximum limits.

Pros & Cons

French roulette is widely considered the most beneficial roulette version for even money bet players, but it’s not without some flaws. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of this variant:

  • Has the lowest house edge of just 1.35%
  • Autoplay feature available
  • Premium quality streams
  • Friendly and professional croupiers
  • Players can take advantage of the La Partage rule
  • The En Prison rule is not available
  • Betting time is limited


  • Take advantage of special rules

    Our first tip would be to make sure that you’re playing French roulette if you’re planning to place even money bets - such as odds/evens, low/high, or red/black. The fact that the La Partage rule is in place and you’ll get half of your money back if the ball lands on zero make this roulette variant absolutely the best option out there for even money bettors.

  • Keep your favorite bets

    One thing to keep in mind is that the betting time in this game is limited. So, executing some complex strategies and systems might be difficult due to time limitation. This is where the favorite bets option comes in handy. With up to 15 betting patterns that you can save, you can use the favorite bet options to place complicated bets with one click before the time runs out.

  • Use the autoplay option

    If you’ve chosen a strategy that involves a flat betting pattern, such as the Masse Egale or the Romanosky strategy, you can also use the autoplay function. It allows for repeated betting patterns through as many spins as you like (or until your bankroll runs out), and you won’t have to place a bet over and over again yourself. All you need to do is set up which combination to bet and the number of spins.

  • Choose a table with wide betting limits

    Regardless of your bankroll, however, you should always look for tables with the lowest minimum bet and the highest maximum bet. Casino operators set the betting limits for each table, and they’re displayed in the lobby. It’s always best to choose a table with wide betting limits so you can make the best use of your bankroll.


What is the RTP of French Roulette Gold?

French Roulette Gold has an RTP of 98.65%, making it the variant with the highest Return to Player ratio of any roulette game.

What differentiates French Roulette Gold from the rest of the roulettes?

The main difference is the slightly different grid layout that features the French words of the bets and the use of the La Partage rule - which is a special rule that gives half of the money back to the player if the ball lands on zero.

Are the rules of La Partage and En Prison used in French Roulette Gold?

While the La Partage rule is used in French Roulette Gold by Evolution, the En Prison rule is not available. That’s the case with most live roulette games that are currently available at online casinos.

Is French Roulette Gold rigged?

No. French Roulette Gold is a game hosted by Evolution, which is a highly reputable Swedish casino game provider that’s licensed by various regulatory bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, and follows all the highest standards when it comes to safety, reliability, and trustworthiness.

Could I play in demo version of French Roulette Gold?

Unfortunately, no. As a rule of thumb, live dealer games are not available in demo mode, and that’s the case with French Roulette Gold too.