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Dragonara Roulette by Evolution Gaming

Last updated: 07.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2019
Variation single zero
RTP 97.30%
Multiplicateurs -
Table limits Depends on casino

Best casino with Dragonara Roulette

888 Casino
Table limits $0.5 - 3 000

Live Dragonara Roulette is a thrilling and immersive online casino game that has taken the world by storm. Released in 2019 by Evolution, this game offers players the opportunity to experience the excitement of live roulette from the comfort of their own homes.

The game is set in the luxurious Dragonara Palace Casino in Malta, which provides an authentic and sophisticated setting for players to enjoy. What that means is that you get to play at a roulette table that’s situated in a land-based casino.

The live dealer is a professional croupier who interacts with players in real-time, adding to the overall immersive experience. The game follows the standard rules of a classic European Roulette table. Players can place their bets on various combinations, including specific numbers, black/red, odd/even numbers, or advanced bets like Zero. The payouts are the same with every European roulette table as well.

To play this variant, you have to first select the value of your bet. To do this, you can choose from a number of chips that you can find in the bottom center of your screen. After you place your bet, the live dealer will spin the wheel and the result of the spin will determine whether you win or not.

Overall, Live Dragonara Roulette by Evolution is a top-tier online casino game that offers an unparalleled level of excitement and realism. Its release in 2019 has firmly established it as a favorite among roulette enthusiasts and online casino players alike. Let’s dive deeper into our review of this unique roulette variant.

Features and Characteristics

Evolution is probably the most well-known live casino game provider. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Dragonara Roulette has to offer a top-notch experience and a unique feature to its players. What makes Dragonara Roulette special is that the table is located in a land-based casino in Malta. In other words, you have the opportunity to play at a real casino table side by side with real players. And all this from the comfort of your own home.

  • High-quality broadcast. One of the standout features of Live Dragonara Roulette is the high-definition video stream, which allows players to see every detail of the game as it unfolds. Additionally, the game offers a range of customizable options, including multiple camera angles and the ability to change the video quality.
  • The game provides several advanced bet features. One of them is the racetrack table, which players can use to bet on groups of numbers like Zero, Tiers, and Orphelins.
  • Save up to 15 bets. Players also have the ability to save their favorite bet combinations by using the star icon and double their previous bet by pressing the “Double” button at the bottom of their screen.
  • Press and play. Dragonara Roulette also includes an autoplay function. This will allow you to automatically place the same bet for a few consecutive spins.
  • The RTP (return to player) for Dragonara Roulette is 97.3%, which is pretty standard for all European Roulette variants.
  • Statistics. Finally, Dragonara Roulette also provides comprehensive statistics on previous results. All you need to do to access them is press the charts icon at the bottom of the screen.
Bet Payout
Straight up 35:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 1:1

Table Limits

Pros and Cons

After testing the Dragonara Roulette, we determined that this European roulette variant comes with certain pros and cons:

  • The roulette table is located in a land-based casino
  • High-quality streaming video, top-notch audio effects, and immersive gameplay
  • Professional live dealer
  • Numerous advanced features (statistics, racetrack, autoplay, favorite bets)
  • No special bonus game
  • A bit slow stream due to the fact that the game is situated on a land-based casino table