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Tiers du Cylindre (Series 5/8)

Last updated: 18.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard

Tiers du Cylindre means “one-third of the wheel” and it is one of the French bets. Known as “Tiers” for short, it requires placing multiple wagers on multiple numbers like other racetrack bets. Tiers du Cylindre consists of 12 numbers in total: 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, and 33.

You can simply place 6 split bets on these numbers in pairs and use 1 chip for each. As a result, you will make 6 wagers for the following groups of numbers, as seen in the image below: 5+8, 10+11, 13+16, 23+24, 27+30, and 30+36.

Since you can cover 12 numbers in total, you will have a 32.43% chance of winning this bet. If the result of the spin is a number that the bet covers, you can get a profit rate of 1:12. In this respect, Tiers du Cylindre has results close to the Column or Dozen bet, as the chance of winning this bet is also 32.4%. But keep in mind that if you lose, the loss rate will be 1:6. With Column or Dozen bets, on the other hand, this rate is just 1:1.

Tiers du Cylindre (Series 5/8)
Odds 32.43%
Numbers Covered 12
Payouts 12

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Running a Roulette Simulation for Tiers du Cylindre

For each bet type we examine, we run a simulation of four players and perform 1,000 spins. Each player starts with a 1,000 GBP bankroll, and we track the win/loss ratios with Google Sheets throughout the simulation. Below you can see the results of our simulation for the Tiers bet.

Tiers du Cylindre (Series 5/8) test

The simulation results show 676 losses after 1,000 spins, with a total loss of 4,056 GBP. A total of 324 spins resulted in wins, with players winning 3,888 GBP. This shows an average of 168 GBP lost per 1,000 spins with the Tiers bet: none of the players won more than their initial bankroll.

However, Player 3 has had remarkable success and when we evaluate all the data, we can see that the win/loss curve is quite stable. The volatile changes we see in other racetrack bets are not found here. Declines were very slow, and burst wins were made in both the short and long term.

Roulette Systems and Strategies for Tiers du Cylindre

You can make the Tiers bet more effective by combining it with existing roulette strategies. Below we share two examples of how you can do this.

Add Tiers on Top of Straight and Split Bets

This strategy can be quite effective but be aware that it can also be quite difficult to use in a live online roulette game as you will have to place a lot of chips in a limited time. The goal of this technique is to reach maximum coverage. In addition to the numbers already covered by the Tiers bet, you try to include more outcomes in your bet by placing split and straight bets too. In the image below, you can see what it looks like.

But keep in mind that with this technique, you take on more risks. Tiers bet requires 5 wagers, so if you lose, you will lose up to 5 units. With this technique, however, you can get up to 38 wagers: this means that both wins and losses will be well above normal.

Straight-up and Split Bets

Tiers and d’Alembert Method

You can use the d’Alembert betting strategy rules in Tiers bet without making any changes. This means increasing the wager amount by 1 unit in case of a loss and decreasing it by 1 unit in case of a win. Doing this will allow you to recover your losses more easily and quickly in the long run.

Final words about Tiers du Cylindre Bet

Tiers du Cylindre is a bet with very stable results in the short and long term: compared to other racetrack bets, even after a thousand spins, the win/loss curve does not change radically. This shows that it can be quite effective, especially when used in combination with simple roulette strategies. Tiers bet does not promise you a roller coaster experience and does not guarantee a win, but we can say that it is one of the best options for gamblers who prefer solid gameplay. As always, try adding your own twist to it: combine the Tiers bet with others, test it with different systems, and see how well it suits you.

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