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    About Power Up Roulette

    Power Up Roulette by Pragmatic Play is a live roulette game that's all about adding extra excitement with its special multiplier feature. Unlike regular roulette, this game can multiply your winnings by up to a huge 8000 times! Before each game, a few special numbers are randomly picked, and if the ball lands on any of them, it triggers a cool bonus round called the Power Up.

    In this special round, each number on the grid gets a multiplier, decided by a special meter. The fun starts with multipliers between 50x and 500x, and they can double in the next rounds, reaching up to an amazing 8000x!

    Played on a European Roulette wheel with just one zero, Power Up Roulette gives out extra rewards only for straight-up bets with multipliers. The usual 35:1 payout for a single number is changed to 24:1 in this game. You've got a quick 20 seconds to place your bets, and the dealer controls the wheel manually, making it even more exciting.

    With its special numbers and ever-growing multipliers, Power Up Roulette promises a totally unique and thrilling roulette experience. And guess what? You can join our live stream to try it out for yourself – no money needed! Get ready for big thrills and even bigger wins in this awesome roulette game.

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