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Lucky 6 Roulette

Last updated: 04.01.2024 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2023
Variation single zero
RTP 97.49%
Multipliers up to x2088
Table limits Depends on casino

Best casino with Lucky 6 Roulette

888 Casino
Table limits £0.5 - 5000

If you like Pragmatic Play's Mega Roulette, its enhanced version, Lucky 6 Roulette, may also become one of your favorite games. Released in December 2023, this is a multiplier roulette game based on the European variant, but since the maximum multiplier value is 2.088x, it offers a very high winning potential. For the same reason, the RTP rate is also higher than most similar titles. However, non-multiplied straight bets also pay less (1:19).

The interface of the game is very similar to Mega Roulette. There is a roulette wheel in the middle of the studio, and just behind it is a large screen where the multiplier values are displayed. The host is also the croupier: the wheel is not automatic; it is spun by him/her. The lower left corner of the interface is reserved for balance information and racetrack. You see the betting options in the middle, while the chat screen and settings are placed in the upper right corner. The bottom right corner is empty, but the statistics and favorite bets screens open here. Speaking of statistics, a strip at the bottom of the screen allows you to quickly check the results of the last 35 rounds: those who like to keep track of hot & cold numbers will like this feature.

Features and Bonus Mechanics of Lucky 6 Roulette

Basically, you are playing European roulette, and nothing changes except the straight bets. So, all other betting options and their winning chances & payouts are the same as the European variant. Straight bets offer the chance to win up to 2,088 times the bet. The game works like this:

  • The time between rounds is 17 seconds. After the bet placement phase is completed, the screen behind the wheel opens and 6 random multipliers are selected. These can range from 50x to 2,088x.
  • Then, numbers appear on top of these multipliers, that is, 6 random numbers are selected, and you can see which multiplier belongs to which number.
  • The host starts the game manually.
  • If the result is one of the 6 lucky numbers and you bet on this number, your payout is determined according to the relevant multiplier value. For example, let's say you bet 100 units and the multiplier is 100x. In this case, you will receive a payment of 10,000 units (100 x 100).
  • If the result is not one of these lucky numbers, only a 1:19 payout is offered for straight bets. (Payouts for all other bets are the same as classic European roulette).

Compared to Mega Roulette, more lucky numbers are selected, and the maximum multiplier value is higher. In the Mega version, up to 5 numbers are chosen, and it is possible to win up to 500x. Lucky 6 Roulette picks 6 numbers and increases the maximum payout to 2,088 times the bet. In addition, it offers practical options for players who want to place a series of straight bets:

  • Lucky Chances: Allows you to place a straight bet on all red, black, odd, or even numbers.
  • Lucky Dozens: Allows you to place a straight bet on each of the numbers in the first three dozen.
  • Lucky Columns: Allows you to place a straight bet on each of the numbers in the first three columns.
  • Bet All: Allows you to place 37 straight bets.

While these are good features, in practice Mega Roulette seems like a better option. The main reason for this is that it offers 1:29 payouts for non-multiplied straight bets. Lucky 6 drops this to 1:19 - that's a significant difference. Additionally, while the 2,088x payout potential is remarkable, we never saw this value during our testing. In fact, we generally did not even see multipliers exceeding 88x: 50x – 88x was the most common range we encountered. Therefore, we can say that Mega Roulette is a more reliable game. But this is of course a personal preference: we can also say that Lucky 6 offers a more exciting experience (due to its higher potential). Additionally, it allows you to easily turn other bet types into straight bets with the practical options listed above. (However, we recommend that you do not use the “Bet All” option, for reasons we will explain below.)

Bet Payout
Straight up 19:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 1:1

Betting Limits

Like many other live games, Lucky 6 Roulette betting limits will vary between casinos. During our testing, we found that most casinos use limits of 0.1 (minimum) and 5,000 (maximum), but you may see different numbers. In any case, you can find the game's betting range in the upper left corner of the screen.

Pros & Cons of Lucky 6 Roulette

  • It offers one of the highest maximum multiplier values among live roulette variants (2.088x).
  • It has practical options you can use to place a series of straight bets.
  • Overall multiplier value rarely goes above 88x.
  • For non-multiplied straight bets, you only get a 1:19 payout: this is one of the lowest rates.

Lucky 6 Roulette Tips

  • Place more straight bets

    As with all other roulette games of this type, using your bankroll to place more straight bets is the best possible tactic. Because only this type of bet gets multiplier payments, and placing more will increase your chances.

  • The “Bet All” option does not guarantee a profit

    However, do not think that placing a straight bet on all numbers with the “Bet All” option will guarantee a win. You invest 37 units and get paid 19 units for non-multiplier wins: in the long run, these odds will work against you. To use your bankroll efficiently, do not cover more than 30% - 33% of the wheel (i.e. placing 12-13 straight bets per round will be more efficient in terms of bankroll management).

  • Don't trust hot & cold numbers

    If you can't decide, the hot & cold stats may help you, but keep in mind that they don't mean anything in terms of chances of winning. All possibilities are reset in each new round, so there is no such thing as a hot or cold number.


What is the RTP of Lucky 6 Roulette?

Although the payout for non-multiplier straight bets is lower than usual, due to the high maximum multiplier value, the overall RTP of this game is 97.49%. This is even higher than the classic European roulette.

What is better: Lucky 6 Roulette or Mega Roulette?

This is a personal preference. However, although Lucky 6 is a new game and contains more lucky numbers, we believe Mega Roulette is the better option. Because non-multiplier straight bets pay more and high multipliers are more common.

In which casino is it better to play Lucky 6 Roulette?

You can find this game in most live casinos whose suppliers include Pragmatic Play. However, if you want to get the best possible experience, do not waste time browsing these sites one by one: choose one of the casinos we recommend.

If I cover all numbers, will I benefit from this?

In the long run, no. Covering more numbers will of course increase your chances of winning, but it is impossible to beat the house edge. Even if you see a profit in the short term, the casino still wins in the long term.

What features keep Lucky 6 Roulette apart from other roulette games?

We can say that the most important differences of this game are its payouts of up to 2,088 times the bet and its features that make it easy to place a series of straight bets. A negative difference is that it is one of the games that pays the least for non-multiplier straight bets.