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Gold Vault Roulette

Last updated: 04.01.2024 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2022
Variation single zero
RTP 97.03%
Multipliers up to x500
Software Evolution
Table limits Depends on casino

Best casino with Gold Vault Roulette

888 Casino
Table limits £0.2 - 3000

If the name of this game sounds familiar, you are not mistaken: Evolution published it under the name Gold Bar Roulette in June 2022, but closed the game after a short while. Gold Vault Roulette is a replacement for this old game and was released in August 2023. Although there is no difference in terms of studio design, we can say that the bonus mechanics (and multiplier values) have changed considerably. Gold Vault Roulette is very similar to the same studio's Lightning Roulette game and consists of a European single-zero variant with multiplier payouts. Its maximum payout is 500x and multipliers are only valid for straight bets.

The studio design resembles a vault, in line with the name of the game. A European roulette wheel is placed in the middle, and in the background, you see a huge bank vault filled with gold bars. The game's host is only there to announce the results and entertain you: the wheel spins automatically. The interface is no different from other Evolution games: all the buttons you will use are located at the bottom of the screen. You can see balance information on the left, basic betting options in the middle, and racetrack & statistical information on the right. You access basic settings (volume, full screen, help, etc.) from the upper right corner.

Gold Vault Roulette Features

If you've played Lightning Roulette, the gameplay will seem quite familiar. A single-zero European wheel is used, and all the betting options are the same (there is also a racetrack). Likewise, except for straight bets, payouts of all the other bets are the same too. Gold Vault Roulette is played simply like this:

  • After players place their bets, 5 to 20 gold bars are placed on randomly selected numbers.
  • Each bar is worth 50x, but three bars can stack on a single number, which increases the multiplier value to 150x. There is also a “Super Bar” worth 500x – you may see that from time to time as well.
  • After the lucky numbers are chosen, the game starts automatically, and the winning number is displayed on the screen when the spin ends.
  • If it is a number with a gold bar and you have placed a bet on that number, you win the relevant multiplier value (50x, 150x, or 500x).
  • If it is a number without a gold bar, you only get paid 1:24 for straight bets.

In the first version of the game (Gold Bar Roulette), gold bars were worth 88x and players could place them on any number they wanted. In this version, the base multiplier value has been reduced to 50x and control is taken away from the players: which numbers get a bar is randomly determined.

In this regard, the game basically resembles Lightning Roulette, but there are some differences:

  • Lightning pays 1:29 on non-multiplier straight bets, while Gold Vault pays 1:24. (Let us also remind you that this value is 1:35 in standard European roulette).
  • Gold bars increasing the multiplier by stacking on a lucky number is a unique feature of this game; there is no such mechanic in the Lightning version.
  • The maximum payout of both games is 500x. However, we need to point out that multiplier values in the Gold Bar version vary between 50-150x on average and reach 500x much less frequently than in the Lightning version: this is a personal observation. In other words, the Super Gold Bar does not appear often.

Truth be told, Lightning Roulette will be the better option in most cases, as its maximum payout is the same and it pays out more for non-multiplier straight bets. Although Gold Vault Roulette has a few unique features and offers the same winning potential, it struggles to establish an independent identity. The first version of the game, Gold Bar Roulette, managed to create something different by giving players control of the multipliers. This version, on the other hand, looks like a clone of Lightning Roulette, with the things that made it originally changed: it still offers a fun experience, but it's hard to say that it's any different.

Bet Payout
Straight up 24:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 1:1

Betting Limits

Gold Vault Roulette does not have a fixed betting range. Minimum and maximum bet limits will vary between casinos. The most common values we encountered during our tests were 1.00 (minimum) and 5,000 (maximum), but we cannot say that these will be valid in every game. After joining a game, you can see the table limits in the upper left corner of the screen.

Pros & Cons of Gold Bar Roulette

  • Up to 20 lucky numbers can be picked – this is higher than most other games with similar mechanics.
  • Gold bars can be stacked 3 times to increase multiplier values up to 150x.
  • RTP is still satisfactory: only 0.27% lower than the standard value for straight bets.
  • Average multiplier values rarely go above the 50-150x range, although there are 500x bars.
  • Straight bets that do not get a multiplier value only pay 1:24.
  • Players can no longer use their bars manually; they are distributed randomly like in Lightning Roulette.

Gold Vault Roulette Tips & Strategies

  • Place a group of straight up bets

    Since multiplier payouts are only made for straight bets, try to place as many of these as possible in each round. A good tactic is to place 12 – 13 straight bets per round (about 33% of the wheel).

  • Use the autoplay feature

    If you use the above tactic, you will have to make a lot of clicks in each round – this will be time-consuming and boring after a while. Save your bet with the autoplay feature and replay with one click.

  • Don't waste time with other betting options

    If you place bets other than straight, you will be playing classic European roulette. The game can also be played this way, but if this is your goal, you can also simply play live European roulette. We recommend that you use your bankroll only for straight bets.


What is the RTP of Gold Vault Roulette?

This depends on which bet you are placing. For the straight bets, the RTP is 97,03%. For any other bet, it is 97,30% - just like regular European roulette. You can check the actual return to player values from the paytable.

What differs Gold Vault Roulette from Gold Bar Roulette?

In the Gold Bar version, each bar was worth 88x and players were able to choose where to put them manually. In the Gold Vault version, each bar is worth 50x and it is no longer possible to manually place them: the game selects which numbers will get the bars automatically.

Why was Gold Bar Roulette closed?

Evolution Gaming has not made an official statement about this. It may not have received enough positive feedback from players. Or some players may have found a way to abuse the game mechanics - in this version, it was possible to use gold bars manually.

What is the best online casino with Gold Vault Roulette?

You can check our lists & recommendations to play this game at the best online casinos. At the moment, all our recommended sites offer this game, and they all have features that will appeal to all types of players.

What is the difference between Lightning Roulette and Gold Vault Roulette?

In Lightning Roulette, up to a maximum of 5 lucky numbers are chosen, and non-multiplied straight bets pay 29:1. In Gold Vault Roulette, there can be up to 20 lucky numbers, and non-multiplied straight bets pay 24:1. Both offer a maximum multiplier of 500x.