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Voisins du Zero Bet (Serie 0/2/3)

Last updated: 18.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard

Voisins du zero is a special type of bet found in French and European roulette. This French word means “neighbours of zero” and refers to the numbers next to the zero pocket on the roulette wheel. In this context, it is a bet that covers 17 numbers, including 0, in total. 7 of these numbers are to the right of zero, and 9 of them are to the left of zero. The Voisins du Zero bet allows you to wager on all the following numbers at the same time: 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, and 25.

However, this is not a bet that can be placed with a single chip. On the contrary, seven chips must be placed on the roulette table. Assume the value of one chip is 1 unit. The chips should be placed on the following numbers:

  • One chip with 2 units value on 0 + 2 + 3
  • One chip on the following splits (five chips in total): 4+7, 12+15, 18+21, 19+22, 32+35
  • One chip on the following corner numbers: 25 + 26 + 28 + 29. For this bet, the value of the chip is 2 units

With this bet, you can cover 17 of the 37 numbers on the European roulette wheel. This means that your chances of winning will be about 45.95%.

The independent winning chances of the sections where a chip is placed are as follows:

  • 0 + 2 + 3: 8.11%
  • Splits: 27.03%
  • Corner: 10.81%

So, is Voisins du Zero a profitable bet? Does it offer a return that is worth your money and time? We answer both questions below.

Voisins du Zero Bet (Serie 0/2/3)
Odds 45.95%
Numbers Covered 17
Payouts x16/x10/x1

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Testing the Voisins du Zero Bet

To see how profitable this bet is, we created a simulation of this bet with 1,000 spins and repeated it for three different players. We gave each player a bankroll of 1,000 GBP and looked at how much they had won or lost over the long run. We visualised the results with Google Sheets and share them below:

Voisins du Zero Bet (Serie 0/2/3) test

This chart tells us a lot. First, we can say that a downward trend appears in all players in the long run. Player 3 managed to get 1,200 GBP after 175 spins, but it didn't last long. However, none of the players were busted, and all had a limited bankroll increase from time to time. However, after 800 spins, all players had less bankroll than when they started.

This shows us that Voisins du Zero can be profitable in short periods but becomes unprofitable in the long run (especially after 800 spins). This bet should only be used for short bursts.

Tips & Tricks for Voisins du Zero Bet

Voisins du Zero is a bet that can be used in all the most popular roulette strategies and can adapt to different techniques. To give some examples:

D’Alembert Method

First of all, we recommend that you take a look at the guide we have prepared about the d'Alembert betting strategy to learn more about this method: here, we will only make an evaluation in terms of Voisins du Zero betting. As it is known, the basis of this technique is to wager one unit increase after a loss and wager one unit reduction after a win. It is a technique that can be adapted to any type of bet. In the traditional Voisins du Zero, 2 chips/units for the 0 + 2 + 3 and corner bets are placed. Instead, you can place a single chip/unit and increase or decrease this number according to the d'Alembert technique. In this way, you will be able to recover your losses faster without taking a big risk.

Doubling Strategy

This technique is like the Martingale strategy, with a bit more risk than d'Alembert. To put it simply, the wager is doubled after a loss, and you return to the initial bet value after a win. It can help you to score quite big payouts, but note the following when using this technique:

  • This is a progressive betting strategy, and as Voisins du Zero requires placing many wagers at the same time, it can deplete your bankroll very quickly.
  • It will take longer to recover your losses compared to other techniques (e.g., Martingale).
  • A cold streak can cause bankruptcy.

Adding an Extra Straight Bet

This technique simply involves placing one more straight bet (or one split bet) in addition to the Voisins du Zero. The aim here is to increase the number of pockets covered and to increase the payout potential. It is also possible to say that the gameplay becomes more fun. However, using it can be difficult to use in time-limited games such as live roulette online, as it will require placing at least eight chips at a time.

Extra Straight-Up Bet

Should You Try Voisins du Zero?

Overall, Voisins du Zero offers a satisfactory chance of winning (45.95%) and can be used in almost any betting strategy available. However, as our simulation results show, it would be best to use it in short bursts rather than as a long-term betting option. Try different strategies using this bet and add some additional wagers to see if the result changes: test yourself how Voisins du Zero suits you and your budget.

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