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Strategies for Lightning Roulette

Last updated: 17.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard

Lightning Roulette has gained a lot of popularity since its release in 2018 and, to this day, is one of the most popular roulettes in online casinos worldwide. Indeed, almost all casinos have games from Evolution Gaming, and in the “Live Casino” section, Lightning roulette usually ranks first among the entire collection.

Features of Lightning Roulette

In general, Lightning Roulette is a European roulette with the same rules of the game but with some differences:

  • The standard straight-up payout ratio is 1:29
  • Each round randomly determines up to 5 lucky numbers and their corresponding multipliers from x50 to x500. This means that if you place a straight bet on this number and it wins, then the payout ratio will correspond to the multiplier.

It is these tempting odds that attract players. So, if you, for example, bet $100 on one number and, in addition, the x500 multiplier is assigned to this number, then you will win $50,000. On the other hand, this is a kind of commercial trap that encourages players to place straight bets more often, thus resulting in frequent losses in favor of the casino, while a regular straight bet without a multiplier will pay x29 instead of x35.

However, is it possible to somehow benefit by using a specific Lightning Roulette strategy based on the main principles of the game? Let's try to understand this and consider several options for strategies.

Strategies for Lightning Roulette

It is logical that to use multipliers, the best way to play Lightning Roulette should include using straight bets. Let's look at a few examples.

Covering part of the field with straight-ups

Covering as many pockets as possible will be the first scenario we will analyze among the Lightning Roulette tricks. How many fields to cover and what denominations are up to you and depend on your bankroll. Here is an example of such a situation:

Covering part of the field with straight-ups

In this example, bets were placed on 18 different numbers. The probability of winning one round is 48.6%. In the case of winning one of the straight-up bets without a multiplier, the profit will be +12.

Let's say we have 3 lucky numbers with x150 multipliers each. Then the probability that the number with the multiplier will be at least one of the 18 employed will be equal to 1 - 19/37*19/37*19/37 = 0.865, that is, 86.5%.

If we consider that we have 3 out of 37 lucky numbers and 18 out of 37 numbers covered, then the probability of winning with a multiplier will be 3.8%. It is also easy to calculate the profit: $132.

For a more fun game, you can experiment with the number of covered pockets and the value of the chips. In the short term, there is a chance to raise a small but pleasant profit.

Combine outside bets with straight ups

Combining different bets is one of the Lightning Roulette tips we can share. Outside bet payouts in Lightning Roulette remain standard. Outside bets have low volatility, so if you add combinations of several straight-ups to them, the game becomes more fun, especially if there is a chance to catch a good multiplier.

Combine outside bets with straight ups

It is not necessary to use progressions, you can just relax and play for your own pleasure, placing arbitrary similar combinations.

Using Neighbors Bets

Lightning roulette has a racetrack, which means you can make announced bets, particularly on neighbors. Recall that a bet with one chip on neighbors is a bet on several straight-ups, depending on the number of neighbors. If you take 2 neighbors as a standard, you get 5 straight-up bets. So, you can try this tactic:

  • We bet on 3 non-intersecting neighbors, that is, a total of 15 numbers
  • With each loss, we increase the bet by one unit
  • When you win, we return to the original bet value.
Neighbors Bets

Thus, the probability of winning will be 40%, profit from regular straight-up +15 units, and if with a multiplier, then depending on the coefficient, from 36 to 436 units.


The main advantage of Lightning roulette is its bright design and, of course, multipliers, which, in combination, provide players with unforgettable emotions. The other side is that these benefits don't actually reorganize into an actual monetary advantage for the players. This is another commercial move by Evolution Gaming. Regular straight-up pay is 1:29, and you need more luck to hit the multiplier. On the other hand, by using certain tactics, such as covering a significant part of the table with bets, you can get more out of the game.

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