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Age of the Gods Roulette by Playtech

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100% up to £100 Welcome Bonus PLAY NOW
Provider Playtech
House edge 2.7%
RTP 97.3%
Variation European
Table limits £1 - £1 000
Release year

Age of Gods is one of the most popular roulette franchises in the UK as it has been successfully incorporated with both an RNG and live dealer experience. Today, we take a look at the Age of Gods Roulette Live. The namesake roulette borrows a lot from the traditional European roulette wheel, but it adds some distinct jackpots and bonus features to make the gameplay one of a kind.

Today, we dive into the entirety of this Playtech product and what makes it so special from beginning to end. We will walk you through everything you need to know about the Age of Gods bonus roulette and help you figure out the jackpot and how your bets can bring you joy with every spin of the wheel.

Fully tailored for the market’s needs in Great Britain, Age of Gods Roulette will allow you to bet in GBP directly and have a blast playing at your favourite tables online.

Age of the Gods Roulette Features

Age of the Gods Roulette is quite similar to European Roulette for all intents and purposes, but with a small caveat.

  • While the wheel features standard 36 numbers and a zero, there is also a bonus pocket. It’s this additional pocket that gives you a chance to boost your overall winnings in the long term.
  • If you bet on the side pocket and manage to win, you will enter the bonus game, a 3-reel slot where you get three spins. As you can imagine, you just need to press the spins for the action to start, giving you a chance to win a massive 300 your bet size. To do this, you will need to win 100x per spin, which is possible, although difficult.
  • In addition to the slot game, you stand a chance to enter the Age of the Gods bonus roulette jackpot game, where you will have 20 facedown gold coins. The coins give you a chance to win a jackpot, with the highest starting at £100,000.
  • There is no cap on how much you can win with the maximum jackpot as the number is determined by the time it has been since the last jackpot dropped and how many players have played and bet in that time.

Table Limits

Bet Payout Minimum Maxiumum
Straight up 35:1 1 50
Split 17:1 1 50
Street 11:1 1 100
Corner 8:1 1 150
Six Line 5:1 1 200
Column 2:1 1 500
Dozen 2:1 1 500
Even/Odd 1:1 1 1 000
Red/Black 1:1 1 1 000
High/Low 1:1 1 1 000

Pros & Cons

There are a great many things about this version of the game that we are sure you will appreciate immediately. Players who love the consistency of European roulette but want to have a few more excellent features called upon will feel right at home with this version of the game.

  • Accessing the bonus games means an extra bet
  • There is no guarantee you will win in the bonus rounds
  • The game offers a decent overall payout
  • You can play in the company of a live dealer and RNG
  • There are two bonus games to benefit from
  • The jackpot can hit some pretty substantial numbers
  • You can still win in the base game of roulette

Game Rules

Age of the Gods Live Roulette is not that different from any other roulette you have played out there. Essentially, the game plays and feels just like a regular 37-pocket wheel, notwithstanding the bonus pocket.

Now, the bonus pocket doesn’t impact the game by all that much, but it’s a gateway to a special slot game and a separate jackpot game. So, in a way, the bonus pocket activates not one but two bonus games you can enjoy.

You should play the game just like any “two-zero” game because of the two pockets that aren’t part of the 1-36. If you want to have a shot at entering the bonus level, just remember to place the minimum amount on the bonus pocket, and you will have a chance at drawing either one of the features.

The overall house edge here is listed at 94.74%, which is decent, but the truth is the game’s strength is the Age of the Gods roulette jackpot, which could easily reach seven figures. Of course, winning is down to pure luck, but it’s fun to think about it.


Overall, Age of the Gods Roulette is one of the best titles you will find out there. The game has been designed to introduce you to both RNG and Live roulette with a few exciting twists that few other companies come closer to emulating. You may argue that this Playtech game is the best you will ever have!

Review author Chris Mwangi Chris Mwangi

Chris Mwangi is a head of copywriting department at Roulette77. He is a passionate roulette player, knows everything about betting systems, strategies, some secret techniques and all possible variations of this game. Сurrently lives in Malta and manages army of copywriters and translators, and brings gambling enlightenment through the world