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Fact – the word ‘roulette’ in French has the same meaning as 'little wheel'

When we try and trace the origins of Roulette, we encounter a mist of mystery. Even though no one has a definite proof, it is widely believed that it was invented by accident, by none other than the French Math genius Blaise Pascal. Originating in the 17th century while the maestro was trying to invent the motion machine, Roulette has indeed come a long way. Pieces of evidence have been discovered, and they suggested that several civilizations have been playing the game or its variants for years. Here is a look at some of the instances from the world history where roulette or its variant surfaced.

Roulette making rounds in Europe

Let's just say that the online, as well as casino table games, wouldn't be what they are today, had Louis and François Blanc not given their significant bit of contribution. They removed the double zero pocket, paving the way for the game we today call the European Roulette. This happened in the year 1842 when gambling had not yet been legalized in France. To spread and promote it, the duo had to go to Hamburg, Germany. They met with the gambling community and introduced this new form of playing to the enthusiasts. Instead of rejecting it, the community poured a lot of support and soon, this Roulette version was being played almost everywhere. The reason why single zero slot game became very popular was the high percentage of advantage to a player instead of a house. In the double zero slot version, the house used to have an advantage of 5.26% whereas the one slot version made it drop to 2.70. Everyone welcomed the higher return to a player. The double zero slot soon found its way to extinction.

As fate would have it, François and Louis brought it back to France after many years of waiting. This was done on the request from Charles III, Prince of Monaco. The duo then laid down the foundation of the world's oldest known modern casino – Monte Carlo Casino Resort. Their version was of course, the centerpiece and it was at this time when really began to appeal to the people.

Play roulette online!

Often termed as the easiest, it can be the most entertaining one at the casino. Based on chance, it doesn't require the player to have some special skills or a library full of math books.

Let us try to understand it’s basics. It has a wheel which has numbers from 1 to 36 marked on it. The wheel will either have a zero or zero and double-zero (American version) as well. There are a ball and a table where players place wagers.

The game begins when the players start placing their bets. The bets can only be placed within the playable limits present on the table. Once the wagers have been made, the wheel is spun. In the middle of the spin, the ball is thrown onto it. The ball will land on a particular number as the wheel stops spinning. The number at which the ball stops is the result or outcome of that specific round. Winners are paid by the house after the losing bets have been collected. With the round over, the table gets cleared for the next round.

The wagers can be of different types, depending on the player. The majority of the bets made are divided into two main categories – the inside bets and the outside bets. If the bets or wagers are made on a specific number or a set of numbers, the bet is an inside bet. If the bet is made on two numbers by placing the chips on the line that separates them, it is known as a straight-up bet. You can also make a split bet by placing the wager for three adjacent numbers or a bigger corner bet for four adjacent ones. If a player chooses to add six numbers for the bet, even that is allowed. Such an insider bet is called the six-line bet. In the casinos where it is allowed, the six-line bet is the most common form of bet players can make.

The outside bets are the ones that are usually made on a large number of outcomes. This may include color, odd-even numbers, multiples of 2, etc. Even though they are less paying, they are safe bets. This is why the beginners are always advised to go ahead and start with the outside wagers. The probability of losing is less on them, and this gives a fair chance to learn more about it. Most of the outside bets pay 1 to 1. However, a few variants like the column bet and the dozen bet pay as good as 2 to 1.

The beginner’s betting guide

You have probably witnessed many online roulette games, even if you haven’t played it before. You might have been motivated to play online but due to the lack of knowledge about it, dropped the idea. The online games are the heartbeat of all major casinos. They simply love to let the players try it out. The movies would have already given you a glimpse of what the game’s table looks like. While it might look intimidating to some extent, online roulette is just a simple move for individual players to get the ball to hit the right numerical place. Most of the casinos are now offering real players to try it for free. Its motive is to pick the number where the ball spun lands finally after the wheel has stopped rotating. You can bet on a single number or be safe, make a wager for a combination.

Understanding rules of the wheel

Alright, there are two different types of wheels:

  1. The European wheel has slots, numbered from 0 to 36. So there are 37 in total. The house win percentage is 2.63.
  2. The American wheel has numbers from 0 to 36 as well. But apart from that, it has an extra 00 slot. Here, the winning percentage for the house increases to 5.26 percent.

Whether you play at a real casino or play online, the basics of it remain the same.

The layout

The layout has the individual numbers listed out. The outside of the area has different boxes made for different columns. Thus, you will find red/black as well as odd/even along with the other number groups. The numbers arranged in 12 different rows inside of three numbers that form 2 vertical columns. The zero slot and the double zero slot are at the top.

The chips and dealing

Disputes could be widespread in roulette and hence to avoid any tussle, the casinos came up with an impressive idea: to give different color chips to different players. The same goes for free online roulette with money prizes. The chips cannot be used at other tables, and thus you need to cash in for regular chips after you are done. Cashing the table chips at cage is not allowed. Each of the tables will have their minimum and maximum bet. The inside and outside wagers cannot be combined to meet the minimum limit. A minimum of 5 bucks means 5, and you can’t split it off. The dealer will keep the wheel moving and note the number where the ball finally stops. Winning number is pointed out with a marker.

Best tips for playing

If you have already bet for your number, you can still bet on the same by stacking your chips over the chips already placed. Make bets until a dealer says ‘No more bets.’ But remember, even though it has some cool perks and experiences, the house always has an advantage. Use your intuition and luck, and, of course, logic and analytics!